Achieving Lambeau

Thu. Dec. 15th, 2016

Nick Meyer

It’s official: After well more than three decades in this state, I’m finally a full-blooded Wisconsinite. Just last weekend, I attended my very first Packers game at the legendary Lambeau Field ...

Opening Shot | Dec. 14, 2016

Thu. Dec. 15th, 2016

photos by Andrea Paulseth

HOLIDAY WHIMSY. On Saturday, December 10, Down to Earth Garden Center hosted it’s annual Whimsical Winter Miniature Garden Tea Party, complete with mini-sandwiches, dessert, and a fairy garden.

City Plans Meeting on Indoor Public Market

Thu. Dec. 15th, 2016

V1 Staff

Creating a viable indoor public market in Eau Claire – somewhere that local food businesses could sell their wares year-round – will take effort from a lot of sectors, including city government ...

Blue Angels Jetting to Valley in 2018

Thu. Dec. 15th, 2016

V1 Staff, photos by Carolyn Tiry

If you love high-flying, jaw-dropping, sound-barrier-breaking aerial performances, we’ve got good news and bad news ...

Pine Hollow Hands-On

Thu. Dec. 15th, 2016

Laura Lash, Eric Christenson

UW-Stout audio club gets firsthand, in-studio chops

It’s always been a goal of Pine Hollow Studio’s owner Evan Middlesworth to foster more recording engineers in the Chippewa Valley. That means hiring young producers to work ..

Yohuna Cracks Rolling Stone's Best Songs of 2016

Thu. Dec. 15th, 2016

Eric Christenson

Another Chippewa Valley native is getting some awesome accolades on a national scale. A song by Yohuna – the project of singer/songwriter Johanne Swanson – called ...

Empowered Parents, Empowered Kids

Thu. Dec. 15th, 2016

Katie Larson

veteran health educator offers guide through adolescence

We’ve all done it as parents, teachers, aunts, uncles, or grandparents (well, maybe not as grandparents because they get the “fun jobs” associated with raising kids): getting into a power struggle ...

Fired up About Tacos

Thu. Dec. 15th, 2016

Natalie Rosenkranz, photos by Andrea Paulseth

Grizzly’s owners launch southwest-style eatery with wood-fired panache

If you love the wood-fired food at Grizzly’s and the cocktails at Milwaukee Burger Company, then you’re in luck: A new restaurant is coming to Eau Claire, and it’s chock-full of wood-fired luxuries ...

Food Truck Fast Lane

Thu. Dec. 15th, 2016

Brendon Paucek, photos by Andrea Paulseth

one-day UWEC course gives you the basics of operating a food truck business

Food trucks are authentic, delicious, and they’re starting to add to Eau Claire’s local identity and quality of life, which are all great reasons why the Chippewa Valley needs some more of their flavor ...

The Couple That Shops Together

Thu. Dec. 15th, 2016

Dan Ingersoll

Christmas shopping with our mates isn’t always the wisest decision, but we do it anyway

After 39 years of marriage, my wife and I know better than to shop together – most of the time. Once a year or so she makes the proposal: “Honey, I know you don’t want to do this, but do you think just ...

Action City opens new trampoline park and obstacle courses

Wed. Dec. 14th, 2016

Hannah Mumm, photos by Andrea Paulseth

A plan five years in the making is about to become reality on Saturday, December 17. That's when Action City will unveil a 20,000-square-foot indoor trampoline park, complete with a general jumping area, a soft play area, slam dunk and dodgeball courts, and a trick trampoline with an attached foam pit ...

Wreck the Halls

Wed. Dec. 14th, 2016

Mike Paulus, illustrated by Serena Wagner

pretty sure Father Christmas doesn’t want us to do housework

Raise your hand if you’ve ever gotten totally stressed out over something as simple as Christmas decorations. I’m not talking to you people out there with 25 holiday-themed inflatable lawn ornaments surrounding your house like giant, poofy sentinels ...

Giving Veterans a Lift – Literally and Figuratively

Wed. Dec. 14th, 2016

Justine Childs

nonprofit that helps combat-wounded vets get fit could use a local chapter

’Tis the season. For cookies and carols. For decking the halls and wrapping presents. For school programs and family gatherings. For many it is also the season for giving, the season for charity ...

All That Jazz

Wed. Dec. 14th, 2016

Tom Giffey, photos by Mike O'Brien

public TV documentary highlights EC Jazz Festival

I have an embarrassing confession to make: Despite having lived in the Chippewa Valley for more than 16 years, I’ve never attend the Eau Claire Jazz Festival. I don’t have a good excuse ...

'Nun' of Your Business

Wed. Dec. 14th, 2016

James Johonnott

the goofy nuns from Nunsense stage a holiday musical

The nuns are back for a Christmas-themed extravaganza! The fourth in Dan Goggin’s series of Nunsense musicals, “Nuncrackers” sees the nuns taping a TV special for their local cable access station ...

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