Merging Into the Fast Lane?

arrival of ride-sharing services signifies city’s growth, but it’s not the only tipping point

Thu. Jul. 13th, 2017  |  Luc Anthony, illustrated by Mackenzie Kavanagh

A few months ago in this Opening Letter space, I wrote about what seemed the determining factor in Eau Claire’s ascendance to big-city status: the moment when Uber would choose to establish itself in the city ...

Opening Shot | July 12, 2017

Thu. Jul. 13th, 2017  |  photos by Shane Newman

GUITAR HERO. Eau Claire band of yore The Kingsnakes reunited for one last special show at the House of Rock on Friday, July 7 along with South Farwell and The Rattlenecks. Above: Ryan Harrington on the face melting guitar solo.

What Makes for a Good Chippewa Valley Day?

Thu. Jul. 13th, 2017  |  Nick Meyer

Every once in a while you have one of those amazing Chippewa Valley days where you’re reminded just how good we have it around here – the kind of day when you’re repeatedly rewarded with cool experiences ...

On the Cover | July 12, 2017

learn more about V1's cover art from Daniel Atyim

Thu. Jul. 13th, 2017

“Exploring the function and meaning of surfaces, I find transition implicit in facades. I am interested in the ways that surfaces describe and dim underlying structures. Like Surrealist artists who begin ..."

A Blue-Ribbon Time

Eau Claire County Fair offers old-fashioned fun

Wed. Jul. 12th, 2017  |  Barbara Arnold

Hankering for a good old-fashioned county fair featuring 4-Hers, Future Farmers of America, and FUN? Then git to the 93rd annual five-day Eau Claire County Fair, which runs Wednesday, July 26, through Sunday, July 30 ...

Jeremiah Got the Bullfrog

Menomonie’s Bullfrog Fish Farm finds new owners

Wed. Jul. 12th, 2017  |  Haley Wright, photos by Timothy Mather

Bullfrog Fish Farm, a Chippewa Valley family favorite destination for fishing and foodstuff on the outskirts of Menomonie, has changed hands after being owned and operated by its “soul proprietor” Herby Radmann ...

Shifting the Culture

new shop combines love of cycles, coffee, community

Wed. Jul. 12th, 2017  |  Katie Venit, photos by Andrea Paulseth

Soon a quiet block in downtown Eau Claire will be enlivened by people on bicycles who are passionate about riding and coffee. By early October, SHIFT Cyclery & Coffee Bar will open in downtown Eau Claire ...

Modicum Brewing Starts Flowing in Altoona

Wed. Jul. 12th, 2017  |  Jake Johnston, photos by Andrea Paulseth

Do you want a lot of a mediocre thing? Or would you prefer the perfect amount of something magical? If you selected the latter option, then you should swing by the newly opened Modicum Brewing in Altoona. They are changing the landscape of beer culture ...

Launching a Health Care Career

your path can start with three letters: CNA

Wed. Jul. 12th, 2017  |  Jeanie Stanek, Dove Healthcare

Have you ever considered a career in healthcare? Maybe as a kid you dreamed of one day becoming a doctor, but you haven’t thought much about it since. Or, maybe you are still weighing your options for a career path and nursing is at the top of the list ...

Wisconsin Job Growth Lags Nation

state ranked 33rd in private sector job growth last year, but wages have risen over time

Wed. Jul. 12th, 2017  |  Shawn Johnson, WPR

Wisconsin’s private sector job growth ranked 33rd in the country in 2016, according to detailed numbers released in June by the federal Bureau of Labor Statistics. The state added private sector jobs at a rate of about 0.5 percent in 2016. By comparison, the national growth rate was 1.3 percent ...

Jobs by the Numbers

Wed. Jul. 12th, 2017  |  V1 Staff

It’s easy to get snow blindness from the blizzard of employment numbers you hear on the news. Unemployment statistics are updated monthly, sometimes get adjusted when new data comes in, and they constantly fluctuate. In the past few years, fortunately ...

Aligning Education and Future Careers

experts at UW-Stout conference say U.S. isn’t doing enough to give today’s students the skills they will need in tomorrow’s workforce

Wed. Jul. 12th, 2017  |  by Jerry Poling

More than 70 regional, state and national leaders in education and workforce development grappled with questions about how to prepare for careers of the future in a conference held June 19-20 at UW-Stout in Menomonie ...

5 Things Chippewa Valley Job-Seekers Should Know

So you’re looking for employment? Here are some facts, figures, and projections to keep in mind

Wed. Jul. 12th, 2017  |  Tom Giffey

If you’re looking for work, it helps to know what the most in-demand fields are. The Wisconsin Department of Workforce Development keeps tabs on the “hot jobs” for regions ...

Wisconsinites Are Money Smart

study says we’re financially literate, but we still act like everyone else

Wed. Jul. 12th, 2017  |  J. Michael Collins

In recent years, communities, schools, and families have sought to help people be better able to avoid money troubles by promoting financial literacy and, in turn, financial capability. A new national study shows these efforts are finding success in Wisconsin ...

Every Little Bit Helps

when it comes to college savings, even small amounts can inspire success

Wed. Jul. 12th, 2017  |  UW Extension

A doctor or singer or maybe an astronaut? Young children have plenty of dreams when it comes to what they want to be when they grow up. Parents know those career dreams keep changing as their children ...

How to Give Back to the Valley

You don’t have to be a millionaire to be a philanthropist. Community foundations can help multiply your generosity.

Wed. Jul. 12th, 2017  |  Tom Giffey, photos by Andrea Paulseth

Sooner or later, there comes a time in most of our lives when we feel the desire to give back to our communities. Depending on our means and motivation, this desire can manifest itself in something as simple ...

1909: The Year the Hippodrome Came to Eau Claire

Wed. Jul. 12th, 2017  |  Chad Lewis

"200 artists, 200 blooded horses, 30 clowns, 100 feature acts, $20,000 blood sweating behemoth, monster herd of performing elephants. Scores of surprising sights and scenes in salutation. Grand gold glittering and glorious free street parade ..."

Beyond the Rocket

let us not forget that other notable slide o’ yore

Tue. Jul. 11th, 2017  |  Mike Paulus, illustrated by Serena Wagner

Yes, of course I liked The Rocket Slide. It was my everything. And by “it was my everything” I mean “whenever my mom took me to Carson Park between the ages of maybe 5 and 8, maybe five or six times each year ...