2016 Summer Music Schedule

Wed. Jun. 1st, 2016

by James Johonnott, photos by Mike O'Brien

all the wheres and whens for summer music in the Chippewa Valley

The Sounds Like Summer Concert Series is Volume One’s Thursday night gig in downtown Eau Claire’s Phoenix Park. Local bands play to crowds each night on the banks of the Chippewa ...

One Night Only

Wed. Jun. 1st, 2016

by Eric Christenson, photos by Lee Butterworth

a couple of summer one-off shows to which we're really looking forward

Swedish-born indie folk artist The Tallest Man On Earth will play The State Theatre in Eau Claire on July 16. Kristian Mattson’s once-sparse solo folk project has now bloomed into a full band experience ...

2016 Concert Series

Wed. Jun. 1st, 2016

by Lindsey Quinnies, photos by Andrea Paulseth

here in the Valley, we like our tunes outside

Life in the north isn’t for the faint of heart. We endure lengthy winters, and our summer skies are short-lived. Our northern lifestyle looks like toughness, but it’s not just being tough. We believe hard work leads to good times ...

2016 Music Festivals

Wed. Jun. 1st, 2016

by V1 Staff, Eric Christenson, photos by Luong Huynh, Caitlyn Berlin

take some of the biggest names in the music industry, and make a weekend of it

Last year’s Eaux Claires Music & Arts Festival (pictured above) was shrouded in mystery all spring. “Is Kanye West gonna be there?” “The name seems kinda confusing...” “What’s all this art stuff all about?” “Seriously, WHERE’S KANYE?!” It wasn’t until they opened the gates on the first day of the festival that we could get the full scope of everything ...

New Airport Eatery Hangar 54 Offers Meaty Specialties

Wed. Jun. 1st, 2016

by Haley Wright, photos by Andrea Paulseth

There is a brand-new restaurant at the Chippewa Valley Regional Airport, appropriately called Hangar 54 Grill, which serves a wide variety of unique and delicious dishes, including meat-based entrees made with specialty meats from ...

An Eye for the Everyday

Tue. May. 31st, 2016

by Tom Giffey

In the Age of the Selfie, when seemingly every moment is digitally documented by the handy devices we carry in our pockets, it’s hard to imagine a time when photography was a rarity, often reserved for only the most solemn ...

5 of Our Biggest Local Lakes

Mon. May. 30th, 2016

by Tom Giffey

At 6,300 acres, Lake Wissota is by far the largest lake in the Chippewa Valley. And it’s literally in the Chippewa Valley: It was created in 1917 by the construction of ...

5 Forgotten Names for the Mighty Chippewa River

Wed. May. 25th, 2016

by Tom Giffey

This poetic French description – which translates as “The River of the Wild Bulls” – is the first recorded name for what we now call the Chippewa River ...

Wisconsin Bike Week 2016: Eau Claire Events (June 2–12)

Mon. May. 23rd, 2016

by V1 Staff

This year's "Wisconsin Bike Week" from the Wisconsin Bike Federation will take place June 2–12, and of course, will celebrate all things cycling statewide. Eau Claire is a participating Wisconsin Bike Week city ...

Bischoff Sessions CD Release Show

photos by Lee Butterworth

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Friday, May 20 saw the release of The Bischoff Sessions CD at Revival Records in downtown Eau Claire, with performances from Sundae + Mr. Goessl, Billy Krause, Evan Middlesworth, Jim Pullman, Greg Gilbertson, and Dan Rouse ...

FEATURE: Extra Innings

Fri. May. 20th, 2016

by Joe Niese

with a history dating back to 1908, the Chippewa River Baseball League has been central to summer for generations of amateur ballplayers and fans

It is hard to fathom that something that has been around for over a century and has had more than 12,000 participants can remain unknown to so many people in the Chippewa Valley. Thus is the story of ...

Bygone Derby Days

Fri. May. 20th, 2016

by Mike Paulus, design by Serena Wagner

my racing days are long over, but their lessons linger

I achieved one of the few truly great victories in my life back when I was but a foolish youngster, mesmerized by the high speed, high risk, highly splinter-ridden world of Pinewood Derby Car Racing ...

Are We Ready for the D-League?

Fri. May. 20th, 2016

by Luc Anthony

Eau Claire would be a good home for a Bucks minor league franchise

To the non-sports fan, getting the opportunity to play in something like “The D-League” sounds akin to The Simpsons episode featuring an educational film on meat production ...

Great Guitar, Great Cause

Fri. May. 20th, 2016

by Katie Robertson

local musicians give 1977 Gordy Bischoff guitar a go

Interested in checking out some good tunes for a good cause? Join local musicians Sundae + Mr. Goessl, Billy Krause, Evan Middlesworth, Jim Pullman, Greg Gilbertson, and ...

Release the Hounds!

Fri. May. 20th, 2016

by Gigi Roelant

humane association ready for 30th doggie fun run

Want to hit the trail with your canine companion? On Saturday, May 21, the Eau Claire County Humane Association will kick off its 30th Annual Fido and Friends Fun Run/Walk at Carson Park ...

Bold Brushwork

Fri. May. 20th, 2016

by Nikki Lanzer

Mayhew-Hamm's colorful creations at the Janet Carson

One area artist has found her canvas calling and is ready to share her creations with the community. The newest exhibit in the Janet Carson Gallery at the Eau Claire Regional Arts Center ...