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6 Wisconsin definitions ... from Urban Dictionary

Urban Dictionary is a word-defining website where the public writes the definitions, and I meticulously read through the 66 definitions available for “Wisconsin” ... and have learned a great many things. For instance, according to definition 45, Wisconsin is "much like a unicorn and doesn’t exist." The complete list is not for the faint of heart, so here is a spattering of homemade definitions and examples supplied by anonymous internet users to give you a taste. 

Definition 27: THE BEST PLACE ON EARTH!!

Used in a Sentence: Where were you last week? The best place on Earth! You must have been in Wisconsin.
The Takeaway
: Wisconsin is globally renowned and there’s probably someone in Iceland talking about us right now and referring to us as “the best place on Earth!”  

Definition 44: Illinois' Largest State Park. A great place to visit when you've done all the cool things in Chicago.

Used in a Sentence: "Hey, let's get in the VistaCruiser and go to Wisconsin this weekend: they still have trees!"
The Takeaway
: Wisconsin has trees.

Definition 54: A Province within the United States of a America

Used in a Sentence: I ate cheese in Wisconsin.
The Takeaway
: Not only are we a state, but a province as well. And we have cheese.

Definition 42: THE MOST UNDER-APPRECIATED STATE IN THE U.S.A! We make the cheese and the milk AND THE CREAM PUFFS!... the Jonas Brothers Favorite State to come to on tour!

The Takeaway: If the Jonas Brothers like it, there really is no question.

Definition 43: …They make Miller beer, Harley motorcycles, and light switches…

Used in a Sentence: I'd take WI over Florida anyday. But I'd probably take the U.P. over Wisconsin.
The Takeaway
: Despite the other definition clearing stating Wisconsin is cooler than Michigan, it appears that didn’t include the U.P.

Definition 3: Shut up..Wisconsin is cool

Used in a Sentence: It's cool in's cooler than Michigan.
The Takeaway
: Some people love Wisconsin so much, they feel no need to explain themselves. 

Bonus Feature!

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Tuesday, Aug. 26th, 2014

The United States ... ranked by beer

Infographics don't lie. Image.
Infographics don't lie. Image.

This one website ranked the States of the Union according to their regional beer offerings (and beery culture), and while there's no reason to take it seriously, they ranked Wisconsin at number seven. So, that's cool. We got beat by Vermont, Washington, Michigan, Colorado, California, and ... Oregon. had this to say:

7. Wisconsin

There was a time when Milwaukee made approximately every beer consumed by every man who came home from work with grease on his shirt. Today, those canned brands of yesteryear are dead, or sold off and made in, like, California. But the Brothers Leinenkugel are statewide icons, New Glarus’ Spotted Cow is the first beer referenced by cheeseheads everywhere (even though nobody can get it outside the state), the baseball team’s name is the damn Brewers, and there used to be an urban legend that Miller Park’s taps were fueled by a beer pipe that ran directly from the brewery. An urban legend we will perpetuate, right here. Miller Park’s taps are fueled by a beer pipe that runs directly from the brewery!

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Regents High-Five Confluence Project, Will Seek State Grant Funding

The UW System Board of Regents has once again given a big thumbs-up to the Confluence Project. In a unanimous vote at their meeting Thursday in Oshkosh, the Regents directed System President Ray Cross to work with state officials to get funding for the joint university-community performing arts center included in the state’s 20015-17 budget. The money won’t come through the UW System’s part of the budget, however: Instead, it will be via what’s called the “non-state agency grant program,” which has been used to fund community projects statewide, such as Medical College of Wisconsin construction and a Green Bay convention center.

“This is great news and gives us a very defined direction as we proceed in the next steps to secure state funding for the Confluence Project, which has been the goal since the project was first announced in May 2012,” UW-Eau Claire Chancellor James Schmidt said in a press release. “We will work closely with UW System, our local partners and the Department of Administration to complete the nonstate agency grant application by the Sept. 12 deadline.”

The project earned praise from Regina Millner, vice president of the Board of Regents. “Based on my decades of experience in business, real estate and community leadership, I understand the power of the public-private partnerships,” she said, according to a press release. “They create jobs and stimulate the creation and expansion of other businesses. They directly and indirectly improve a region’s quality of life.

“The Confluence Project will turn a blighted industrial parcel into a vibrant, job-creating center of activity,” she added. “It will provide multiple benefits to the community and provide immediate and long-term benefits to the region’s economy. It will also leverage private-sector and philanthropic investments.”

While UWEC and its partners originally had considered pursuing funding for the project directly through the UW System budget, going the nonstate grant route became an option after it was suggested in June by Gov. Scott Walker, who endorsed the project.

The state’s share of the roughly $50 million performing arts center still must make it through the state budget process, including getting approval from the state building commission, the Legislature, and ultimately the governor (whoever that happens to be next year). The other half of the arts center’s cost will be funded by private donations and local government contributions. The arts center and an adjacent mixed-use development, which will include privately operated student housing, will be built on South Barstow Street.

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