Friday, Dec. 4th, 2009
Thursday, Dec. 3rd, 2009

The “Student Ghetto”

Here’s the opening snippet to an article/editorial our managing editor Trevor Kupfer is finishing up for next week’s issue. We thought you might like to chime in …

  • Volume One recently published a special section on Rental Living, which broke down many of the Chippewa Valley’s most popular rental neighborhoods, from what kinds of units commonly found there to the nearby amenities. With every area, we also included its nickname, or how it’s referred to in everyday conversation (e.g. Out by the Mall, Behind Shopko, The Planets, etc.). When we got to Randall Park, we put down “Student Ghetto,” fully expecting to hear from members of the neighborhood. And sure enough, we did.
  • The e-mails, physical letters, and phone calls that followed allowed us to reflect on how this nickname began, and became a part of the local lexicon – and of even more interest, what it means.
  • Is it an offensive label for the Historic Randall Park, one of Eau Claire’s most prized neighborhoods? Is it a term of endearment? Or is it a case of people calling it like they see it?

So what do you think? Is the term “student ghetto” offensive, endearing, or both?

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Wednesday, Dec. 2nd, 2009

Do we need an arts-based charter school?

After teaching in the Eau Claire Area School District for 25 years, Jo Burke is determined to start a local Charter school that serves grades six through 12 via the creative arts. “There has emerged a need to serve kids with different learning patterns,” she said, “and we see the creative arts as a way to do that.” The project is in the very preliminary stages. For the past several weeks Jo has been talking to teachers, parents, community members, and artists to get their thoughts on a possible school. Her group (or “movement,” as she calls it) called Engage, is essentially a dozen local educators and parents rallied around this idea and looking for more support in the community.

The group is currently going through the planning process for a grant through the Department of Public Instruction that is due in April and would make the first year of start-up for the project free. In order to do this, however, Jo will come before the school board on Dec. 7 to illustrate a need for such a school and show how it’s fiscally sustainable.

To help Joe’s efforts or show support for the project, either show up to the Dec. 7 meeting in the Board Room of the Administration Building (500 Main St.) or e-mail Jo:

You can also help by filling out a quick survey.

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Show Review: Brian Bethke @The Acoustic Café

Back from his US tour, Brian Bethke did a show of old favorites, and even older unreleased songs written over the past fifteen years, as well as a few new tracks. It was great hearing lots of music I have never heard him sing before. It was also great hear his new stuff. The Acoustic Cafe was filled when we walked in. We slid into the final empty booth.

Acoustic Cafe is a nice venue. The audience noise always seems fairly low. With Brian's setup it seemed like the sound was a little fuzzy and boomy on the louder moments. Not bad enough to complain about, but a little distracting. The audience was tuned in by the time Brian took the stage. The front tables were filled with tables of fans who knew the lyrics of the songs better than Brian did. It was all the makings of a good show and Brian didn't disappoint.

For me, Brian is particularly enjoyable to hear live. I like it so much better than his recorded work. I understand that as a musician, you get sick of your own stuff. I mean, how many times have one of the Van Zants played Sweet Home Alabama since 1973? Or, maybe he feels it is the perceived value of getting multiple musicians on one plastic disk. Brian likes to change up his recorded works by bringing in other artists, background vocalists and a lot of other things. But, I feel that gets in the way of what I really like, which is Brian's voice and his guitar…


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Tuesday, Dec. 1st, 2009

Local zine prods you to go a-caroling

Local zine Chippewa Valley’s Hidden Treasures has invited you all to go caroling, basically saying, “Show up here at this time and, you know, go caroling.” Officially, they say “The joy of community Christmas Caroling has somehow slipped into the shadows.” So, much like the plot to a young adult novel about wizards, you’ve been challenged to liberate an ancient Christmas tradition from the evil depths of a shadowy dungeon. They’ve got locations designated for both Eau Claire and Chippewa Falls:

Monday, Dec. 21 • 6-8pm • meet at Boyd Park in Eau Claire on the East Side Hill (1100 block of Main St.) OR Micon Cinemas in Chippewa Falls (Chippewa Mall Dr.).

They encourage you to bundle up in festive clothing and bring lanterns, candles, and flashlights. So if you’ve got a holiday song in your heart (and some new long johns you’re dying to break in), grab some friends and do some goldarn caroling.

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