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Best Community Advocate

1st Place: Volume One
2nd Place: Zach Halmstad
3rd Place: Justin Vernon

Volume One took first place in this category, and no, the ballot box was not stuffed. Since its inception in 2002, Volume One has been an unabashed advocate for causes and policies that support the arts, expand the economy, and improve the Chippewa Valley’s quality of life. V1 founder Nick Meyer, along with JAMF Software co-founder Zach Halmstad and musician Justin Vernon (of Bon Iver and Eaux Claires Music & Arts Festival fame) have combined forces to transform downtown Eau Claire into a true arts and entertainment destination with their support of the Confluence Project, the Lismore Hotel (Halmstad’s Pablo Properties) and the upcoming renovation of the Green Tree Inn (all three). The three thirtysomethings have put their own skin in the game of community development, and that’s outstanding. —Barbara Arnold


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