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Most Overrated Thing In or About the Valley

1st Place: Bon Iver
2nd Place: Chain restaurants
3rd Place: Confluence Project

If you want a good night on the town with these voters, please do not offer to take them to Applebee’s before the secret Bon Iver show at the new Confluence arts center. It’s hard to say whether people think Bon Iver is overrated in a “Eh, they’re not that great” way or in a “We talk about their greatness far too frequently” way. As for chain restaurants — a close second-place in the poll — we’ve got a lot of ’em. And maybe they’re overrated because we are ready to bust out with new eateries on the dining scene. That new Hardees is comin’ in on Golf Road, but maybe these voters are looking toward a slew of new eateries in the offing downtown (stay tuned). And the Confluence Project has made headlines for years now, so perhaps the news is overdone and we simply have our eyes on the completion and an end to the neighborly debate about whether or not it should be happening. —Laura Lash