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Most Disappointing Failure in the Past Year

1st Place: Wisconsin state government
2nd Place: UW System budget cuts
3rd Place: Packers lose to the Seahawks

This past year has been far from dismal, but Wisconsin didn’t get through it without a few failures that got under people’s skin. The Wisconsin state government was voted as our top disappointment this year. Gov. Scott Walker has made some radical policy decisions since taking office, so it’s no surprise that those who disagree with him would find our state’s leaders disappointing. Along with this subject were the major cuts to the UW System budget, which led many university faculty members to take buyouts. Finally, nothing hurts quite like a heartbreaking Packers loss. Last year, the NFC Championship game — which would have taken the Packers to the Super Bowl — ended in a gut-wrenching and upsetting defeat to the Seahawks. —Mike Seitz


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