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Most Memorable Happening In The Past Year

1st Place: Eaux Claires debuts
2nd Place: Badgers make Final Four
3rd Place: Arrest of the former Eau Claire County treasurer and deputy treasurer on embezzlement charges

People who don’t usually attend big music festivals bought tickets to Eaux Claires, because, well, it was happening, it was huge, and we all wanted to be a part of it. People who don’t usually watch basketball were glued to the screen these past two Marches because the Wisconsin Badgers were schooling other universities in the NCAA Final Four. And people who normally show up to work to support a local municipality were (allegedly) caught red-handed embezzling funds from Eau Claire County. Two of our three winners in this category had great ingenuity. Two of these three contenders we’d love to have happen again. —Laura Lash


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