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Most Bizarre Local News Story

1st Place: Valleybrook pastor fiasco
2nd Place: Moose on the loose
3rd Place: Church offers free beer

Over the past year, a numbers of news stories in the Valley have been memorable because of their unique, zany, or downright disturbing nature. You may remember hearing about the pastoral scandal at Valleybrook Church, which came to public attention in April. Even after Rev. Doug Lebsack stepped out of the picture after allegations of spiritual abuse and misuse of power, families in the area are still feeling the effects. On a more light-hearted note, the Chippewa Valley had an unusual visitor last November. A wandering moose, thought to have traveled all the way from Minnesota, was spotted hanging out around the Eau Claire/Chippewa County line. Finally, a new religious institution, Renew Covenant Church, decided to recruit members with an old-fashioned Wisconsin method: offer them free beer! —Mike Seitz


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