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Best Thing

1st Place: Bob’s House for Dogs
2nd Place: Sculpture Tour Eau Claire
3rd Place: Tubing the Chippewa River

You never know what kind of glorious hodgepodge of stuff you’ll find after asking the entire Chippewa Valley to name the “Best Thing” there is around these parts. But when a reader added Bob’s House For Dogs (E3015 County Highway HH, Eleva) to the mix (and the rest of you jumped on board), it became apparent that your favorite thing is a nonprofit shelter for our four-legged buddies. Bob’s House creates a truly home-like experience for its canine residents and provides a host of community services such as doggie outreach for senior citizens. In (a close) second place you named the ambitious Sculpture Tour Eau Claire, which places a new set of fantastic outdoor sculptures around the city each year. In third place you favored tube-based trips down that watery highway we call the Chippewa River. Other top “best things” included the jaunty entry “Cruising Lake Wissota” and the beautiful Butterfly House found at Fall Creek’s Beaver Creek Reserve. –Mike Paulus

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