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Favorite Basketball Court

1st Place: Eau Claire YMCA
2nd Place: McPhee Center (UWEC)
3rd Place: UWEC outdoor courts

Ain’t no love in the heart of the city here, people. The Favorite Basketball Court category grew out pf various heated arguments we’ve heard about which public park has the best hoops: Demmler, Boyd, Lakeshore. But apparently there was a silent majority that spoke loud and clear. The best hoops are indoors. Coming in first were the courts at the Eau Claire YMCA on Graham Avenue, where many fierce winter battles have taken place. Then UW-Eau Claire cleaned up second and third with their indoor courts at the McPhee Center and the outdoor courts on upper campus. Apparently, the general population is just too wimpy to be ballin’ in the ice and cold. –Thom Fountain

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