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Ugliest Spot

1st Place: Walmart
2nd Place: Old Huebsch Building (North Dewey Street)
3rd Place: Lake Menomin’s green water

Walmart, where it’s often acceptable for people to shop in their bathing suits, is definitely one of the ugliest spots to visit in the Chippewa Valley. Although their “always low prices” reputation is definitely well-known, there has to be something questionable about being able to do everything, aside from paying off student loans, all in one store. Coming in second place is the old Huebsch Building at the corner of Dewey and Galloway streets, which doesn’t offer the prettiest of views either. Lastly, Lake Menomin, a reservoir on the Red Cedar River in Menomonie, offers 1,009 acres of green water thanks to nasty algae blooms. Who wants to go swimming?! –Erica Quinnies

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