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Best Campground

1st Place: Coon Fork County Park
2nd Place: Lake Wissota
3rd Place: Brunet Island State Park

Last year, Coon Fork Lake County Park beat Lake Wissota by a landslide, but only eight votes separate first and second place this year. Coon Fork Lake (winning for the third year in a row, by the way) features more than 100 campsites catering to campers of all skill levels. The park features swimming beaches, mountain bike trails, handicapped-accessible dock and campsites, and even allows pets. It also has a sizable dayside area for non-campers to use. Lake Wissota (also taking second place for the third year in a row) is located on a 6,300 acre man-made lake and offers more than 100 campsites as well. Trails are plentiful here for hiking, biking, and horseback riding, but be sure to check out the 285-foot swimming beach too! Last on the list is newcomer Brunet Island State Park. Only 11 votes behind Lake Wissota, Brunet Island State Park offers excellent canoeing and wildlife viewing through calm lagoons and vibrant Chippewa County forests. –Dustin Hahn

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