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Your Favorite Local Author

1st Place: Michael Perry
2nd Place: Jason Splichal
3rd Place: Jay Gilbertson

There are no big surprises in the top slot for your favorite local author this year. Once again, you’ve awarded unstoppable Chippewa Valley wordsmith Michael Perry the crown of nouns and verbs. This past summer, his New York Times bestseller Visiting Tom went to paperback, sending the nonfiction author down the road for a book tour or two. Your second-favorite writer is local poet Jason Splichal, who spearheaded a series of great readings last fall. In third, you selected Jay Gilbertson, author of the Madeline Island series – books in a genre Gilbertson affectionately describes as “Lady Lit.” The latest, Full Moon Over Madeline Island, revisits his quirky cast of characters as they deal with rarely discussed personal issues. –Mike Paulus

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