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Best People Watching

1st Place: Phoenix Park
2nd Place: Walmart
3rd Place: Northern Wisconsin State Fair

If you like to spend your time observing the masses, then you have to check out this year’s winners for the Chippewa Valley’s Best People Watching. Your first place winner is Phoenix Park, and it’s no surprise with events such as the Downtown Farmer’s Market and the Sounds Like Summer Concert Series. Not only is it a convenient place to people watch, it’s relaxing and also allows you to enjoy the outdoors. Falling to second place is Walmart. Websites such as People of Walmart have publicized Walmart as a go-to people watching spot. Open 24 hours and a popular spot for all kinds of shoppers, there is no end to the people watching possibilities. Rounding out our top three is a newcomer, the Northern Wisconsin State Fair. Considering the sizable crowds that attend the annual event in Chippewa Falls, it’s easy to see why you could spend hours watching them all. –Emily Anderson

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