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Best Sledding Hill

1st Place: Pinehurst Hill
2nd Place: Seven Bumps/Forest Hill
3rd Place: Oakwood Hills Park

Like a toboggan flipping over on a sharp turn, its cozy passengers flying in all directions, limbs akimbo as a speedy sled flashes past to the finish line, Pinehurst Hill (Delbert Road) has claimed the top spot for 2013’s Best Sledding Hill, swooshing past perennial favorite Seven Bumps/Forest Hill Cemetery nestled within Eau Claire’s Eastside Hill neighborhood. Waiting like a snake in the snowbank, Pinehurst was patiently lurking in last year’s No. 2 spot. Used as a local ski slope years ago, Pinehurst towers over Seven Bumps in height, yet only won by five votes. Your third choice for frosty gravitational fun is the respectable tilt to be found at Oakwood Hills Park, overlooking the shopping mall that shares its name. –Mike Paulus

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