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Structure We'd Like To See Locally Erected

1st Place: Trader Joe’s
2nd Place: The Confluence Project
3rd Place: convention center

It’s no secret what Chippewa Valley residents want. With a resounding voice, voters want – or even feel they need – a Trader Joe’s. Considering Trader Joe’s also was victorious in our Biggest Thing We Should Make Happen Soon category (not to mention that “Complaining about not having a Trader Joe’s” ranked third among Things the Chippewa Valley is Good At), it will hopefully only be a matter of time before we’ve got one. And if that wasn’t enough, this is the fourth year in a row that Trader Joe’s was voted to the top of this list. The second place winner, the Confluence Project, takes this category in a different direction. The arts are an integral part of the Chippewa Valley, and it is encouraging to see that residents want to support such an endeavor. Last on our wish list is a convention center, which also held the third place spot last year and has been in the top three since 2009. –Dustin Hahn

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