Issue # 191, Nov. 25, 2011

Killer Bees

Collections of Colonies of Bees return to House of Rock

Ian Jacoby

Articles about Collections of Colonies of Bees always start with two things so let’s get them out of the way early: Yes, they were the non-Bon half of Volcano Choir (a brilliant and amazing album that I won’t trivialize with a one sentence sum-up)...

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Issue #190, Nov. 10, 2011

Another Last Waltz

Thanksgiving Day tribute concert returns for seconds

Emily Anderson

The Band’s 1976 farewell concert, dubbed The Last Waltz, marked the end of their touring career. For the second time, a local group of musicians have taken on the ambitious task of recreating this piece of musical history. These musicians ...

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Issue #189, Oct. 27, 2011

Building the Whale House

experimental electro-rock band sports new lineup, EP

Lindsey Matysik, photos by Zachary Oliphant

Local experimental indie rock band Whale House is back with a brand new drummer and a renewed vigor. The band, comprised of original members Clayton Brice and Caleb Price, acquired Bryant Bohachek after months of waiting.

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Issue # 187, Sept. 29, 2011

The Picture Perfect

Madison pop band relocates to the Valley, ready to rock

Lindsey Matysik

Despite being a relatively young band, The Picture Perfect already has a big pile of accomplishments. The band has already recorded a debut album consisting of nine tracks, filmed two music videos, released an acoustic EP...

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Issue #172 Mar. 3rd, 2011

Bro. Stephen & Co.

Meridene & Adelyn Rose join Indiana-based band

Emily Anderson

The Grand Little Theatre has always been a fantastic place to see high-quality entertainment. And on March 8, it will not disappoint. Performing is the Bloomington, Indiana-based musical group Bro. Stephen.

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Issue #171 Feb. 17th, 2011

Electrolyte Empire

Eau Claire rockers release Underfoot EP

Tyler Griggs, photos by Andrea Paulseth

“I love my family, I love my kids, but sometimes I need to jam with my friends, sweat, and have a blast playing rock ‘n roll.” – Justin LeMay, drummer for Electrolyte Empire

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Issue #171 Feb. 17th, 2011

THIS WEEK: Decadent Cabaret 2011

annual festival of rocking tributes returns to House of Rock

Scott Morfitt, photos by Frank H. Robinson

Decadent Cabaret exemplifies itself in three ways. One is that they have the best adjective-noun combinations for describing an event. Just take a second and think about what you expect from a cabaret that is decadent.

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Issue #167 Dec. 16th, 2010

The Big New Year's Show

House of Rock slates mix of genres, plus two new bands

Trevor Kupfer

When everyone’s looking for a place to gather and ring in the new year, the best thing a venue can do is bring in variety – a mixture of acts that can appeal to a big cross-section of our music-loving public.

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Issue #165 Nov. 18th, 2010

The Ronald Raygun

after three-year breakup, band reunites for album

Scott Morfitt

Sometimes all it takes for a band to release a second album is to break up, wait three years, have a child, start a successful business, have a friend move up from Tennessee, and have a clear ...

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Issue #162 October 7th, 2010

Wrapped in Glass

local hard rock band sounds mainstream

Trevor Kupfer

Have you ever heard a song and gone, “Wait a minute, I know this?” And I mean instantly. You know this song, and what band it belongs to is on the tip of your brain … but you can’t place it. That’s every song on Wrapped In Glass’s 12-song LP Left in the C

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