Issue #202 May 3, 2012
Issue # 176 Apr. 28th, 2011

Statewide Battle of the Bands Looms Upon Horizon

For those of you familiar with the Chippewa Valley music scene, the Launchpad High School Music Competition will probably sound quite familiar to you. The seventh edition of our local “garage band” competition sponsored by the Wisconsin School Music

Issue #174 Mar. 31st, 2011

Hip-Hop Group Gets Organized, Rleases Album

The exported Eau Claire hip-hop group Organized Ryme (now in Madison) comprised of Blaze, Lucci, Manny, and Tmo have been at the grind, releasing their debut album Amerika’s Skaryland last month, with another release slated for later this year.

Issue #170 Feb. 3rd, 2011

Blinded Serves Up Some Real Talk

Flying to New York to make a music video might seem like a dream to some, but for Chapin Turner (aka Blinded, or B-L-I) it has become a regular occurrence.

Issue #155 2010-07-01

Hip-hop and B-boy Association's Debut Event

On July 14 at DeLong Middle School, local breakdancers the Floor Dusters Crew are teaming up with the Eau Claire Hip-Hop and B-Boy/B-Girl Association to put on the Valley’s first official b-boy jam, Lay Da Breaks.

Issue #153 2010-06-03

Unwind Gets Hot with Chill

I was surprised when I put in the new DJ Unwind EP Far From Here and heard “chill” music coming out of my speakers instead of bass and beats and raps about a poorly knit sweater.

Issue #149 2010-04-08
Issue #145 2010-02-11
Issue #140 2009-11-26
Issue #133 2009-08-20
Issue #130 2009-07-09

Wound Up

former local DJ Unwind getting big in Minneapolis

Issue #129 2009-06-25


local hip-hopper ‘carves’ out new album

Issue #127 2009-05-28
Issue #120 2009-02-19
Issue #112 2008-10-23

Sol Men

Irie Sol’s new CD perfectly blends its mixed influences

Issue #108 2008-08-28
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