Issue #193 Dec. 22, 2011

Painted Saints' Pen Tune About Water Street

If you’re looking for a new sound to experience – perhaps one described with terms like spaghetti western, gutter blues, sad chamber folk, and retro spy shoegazer – look no further than Painted Saints.

Issue #192 Dec. 8, 2011
Issue #190, Nov. 10, 2011
Issue #189, Oct. 27, 2011

Urges From Elsewhere Are Headed to Here

A fun night of music is in store for you when the group Urges From Elsewhere comes to the House of Rock on Oct. 28 to impress you with a unique style. Categorized as “Drunkabilly,” their style features a blending...

Issue # 186, Sept. 15, 2011
Issue # 176 Apr. 28th, 2011

Statewide Battle of the Bands Looms Upon Horizon

For those of you familiar with the Chippewa Valley music scene, the Launchpad High School Music Competition will probably sound quite familiar to you. The seventh edition of our local “garage band” competition sponsored by the Wisconsin School Music

Issue #175 April 14th, 2011
Issue #156 2010-07-15

Icarus Himself

odd-sounding Madison trio with local ties to play (twice)

Issue #151 2010-05-06


jazz trio Adelyn Rose draws sound from Eau Claire scene

Issue #148 2010-03-25

Jagjaguwar Signs Peter Wolf Crier

Peter Wolf Crier’s debut album, Inter-Be, launched only a few months ago, yet it is the latest regional music project slated for the oxymoronic “indie big time” with the announcement of a spring re-release by the label Jagjaguwar (the same of Bon Iver).

Zoo Animal

hooky Minneapolis creature on display at The Underground

Issue #142 2009-12-24
Issue #139 2009-11-12


a solid 16 years on the indie scene, and still going strong

Issue #138 2009-10-29

Carmike Gets Indie Again

Carmike Cinemas in Eau Claire’s Oakwood Mall is once again hosting an Independent Film Series.

Issue #132 2009-08-06

Laarks Go Kosher

Laarks sign with Absolutely Kosher, plan album re-release and tour

Issue #131 2009-07-23
Issue #130 2009-07-09

Riding High

former locals Megafaun release sophomore album

Issue #125 2009-04-30
Issue #119 2009-02-05
Issue #118 2009-01-22
Issue #115 2008-12-04
Issue #114 2008-11-20
Issue #112 2008-10-23
Issue #107 2008-08-14

Mike Mangione

Chicago singer-songwriter comes to the House of Rock

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