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On Track for Extreme Thunder

Native American horse-racing relay will find home in the Chippewa Valley

Lauren Fisher

Work on a half-mile dirt racetrack will begin in the town of Union late April or early May – the first steps toward Eau Claire becoming the home of the national Extreme Thunder Indian Horse Relay Championship in 2020 ...

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9 Local Side-Hustles Good for Extra Cash

build your resume and your checking account

Lauren Fisher

The Side Hustle: It’s the ticket to meeting financial goals, building one’s CV, and making the most of off-hours. A resourceful individual can make bank on their talents with a bit of investment and clever thinking. How, you ask? The Volume One staff has got some suggestions ...

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Learning the Art of Meal-Planning

navigating the grocery store is step one ...

Samantha Angell

Navigating the grocery store on a budget can be overwhelming. With it comes learning how to cook, meal plan, and grocery shop. Luckily there are many ways to prepare ...

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To Debt or Not to Debt: That Is the Question

for a lot of young folks, debt is a part of life

Jen Ekblad

I can remember sitting at my desk in my first apartment applying for my first credit card. I had just graduated college. I was working full-time. I asked myself, “What could it hurt to get a credit card?” It’s just what you do ...

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