Issue #357 May 2, 2018

Fanfare for Forgotten Veterans

Chippewa Falls poet’s two volumes focus on PTSD, Vietnam experience

Andrew Patrie, photos by Andrea Paulseth

Consider, for a moment (and may that moment stretch like your shadow in the day’s decline), humanity’s affinity for armed conflict. Consider, too, its reluctance to attend to the fragmented aftermath beyond hollow slogans ...

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Issue #357 May 2, 2018

Life and Death Reflections

Eau Claire undertaker’s daughter pens memoir

Barbara Arnold, photos by Barbara Arnold

It’s dawn. The sun is rising over the Eastside Hill, touching the towers of Sacred Heart Church. Shades of orange, red, and coral erupt against the dark gray-blue sky. Moving slowly over where the two rivers ...

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Issue #357 May 2, 2018

Doors of Diversity

professor’s book chronicles how community centers help immigrant families

Diana Peterson

More than half of U.S. school children are now people of color, many from immigrant and refugee families. These students have a variety of issues to deal with as they traverse from school to family life ...

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