Issue #265 October 16, 2014
Issue #262 September 4, 2014
Issue #261 August 21, 2014
Issue #257 June 26, 2014
Issue #256 June 12, 2014
Issue #254 May 15, 2014
Issue #253 May 1, 2014
Issue #252 April 17, 2014

Taking Comedy to the Street

On Friday, April 18, starting at 5:30pm the Eau Claire Comedy Crawl is taking over Barstow Street. This stand-up/improv comedy event will span five different locations including all ages venues Revival-Records and Pizza Plus, and 21+ venues ...

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Issue #251 April 3, 2014
Issue #250 March 20, 2014

Showdown Lowdown

The year is 1889 in an old gold mining town called Gold Town. Locals spend their day panning for tiny flecks of precious gold, not knowing they’re sitting over the mother lode of all gold veins. In nearby Fandango, greedy railroad baron Bart ...

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Issue #249 March 6, 2014
Issue #248 Feb. 20, 2014
Issue #247 Feb. 6, 2014
Issue #243 Dec. 5, 2013
Issue #242 Nov. 21, 2013
Issue #241 Nov. 7, 2013
Issue #240 Oct. 24, 2013
Issue #239 Oct. 10, 2013

Flyway Film Festival Returns

The Flyway Film Festival is back this year. It will take place Oct. 17-20 in the western Wisconsin burgs of Pepin and Stockholm. This annual festival features more than 50 film, filmmakers ...

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Issue #238 Sept. 26, 2013
Issue #236 August 29, 2013
Issue #235 August 15, 2013

Next BareBones Show Will Baby Its Audience

What’s in a name? Well, a decent amount according to Baby With The Bathwater – a play by Christopher Durang. The local comedic theater troupe BareBones Ensemble will be staging this absurdist comedy Aug. 16-17 at The Grand Theatre on Grand ...

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Issue #234 August 1, 2013
Issue #233 July 18, 2013
Issue #232 July 4, 2013
Issue #231 June 20, 2013
Issue #229 May 23, 2013
Issue #227 April 25, 2013

Menomonie's Town

The Menomonie Theater Guild will be bringing the famous pantomimed performance of Our Town to the Mabel Tainter Center for the Arts on two upcoming weekends.

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Issue #226 April 11, 2013

Local Bro Appearing on the Internet

Dude Morning, a new Web series created by students at the College of St. Scholastica in Duluth, focuses on college dudes making their way through a hilariously troubled world. Written and directed by Chippewa Valley...

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Issue #225 Mar. 28, 2013
Issue #224 Mar. 14, 2013

Yep, That Pauly Shore is Coming to Town

Pauly Shore is not dead. He’s out of the Army, he’s done with jury duty, and he has finally seen the Leaning Tower of Cheeza. These days, Shore is doing stand-up in intimate club settings throughout the Midwest. Shore, who began his career...

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Issue #223 Feb. 28, 2013

Film Series Shows 'Fresh' World Viewpoints

FRESH Films is a four part film series at UW-Eau Claire that begins with the film “Chasing Ice.” This film was shot by National Geographic photographer James Balog. For years, Balog recorded glaciers all around the world in order to show how they...

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Issue #222 Feb. 14, 2013

Flamenco Troupe Brings Global Flair to UWEC

UW-Eau Claire’s Artist Series provides members of the community with frequent opportunities to experience various cultures from around the world. On Wednesday, Feb. 27, the campus will play host to the Juan Siddi Flamenco Theatre Company, a group...

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Issue #220 Jan. 17, 2013
Issue #219 Dec. 27, 2012
Issue #218 Dec. 13, 2012
Issue #217 Nov. 29, 2012
Issue #216 Nov. 15, 2012

Making It Up

a rise in improv from all directions has formed a true, homegrown scene in the Chippewa Valley

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The Jury Has a Verdict

The Menomonie Theater Guild is kicking off its 54th season with an edgy drama entitled Twelve Angry Men. Adapted from Reginald Rose’s 1957 movie by Sherman Sergel, Twelve Angry Men is about the trial of a 19-year old man who is convicted ...

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Issue #215 Nov. 1, 2012
Issue #214 Oct. 18, 2012
Issue #212 Sept. 20, 2012

Comedy Series Coming to Whiskey's Grill & Bar

Whiskeys Grill and Bar are upping the ante and joining the comedy scene. Starting Sept. 26, Funny Business Entertainment will be hosting a weekly comedy show every Wednesday at Whiskeys. The first acts are comedians Frank Roche and Bryan Miller...

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Issue #211 Sept. 6, 2012
Issue #210 Aug. 23, 2012
Issue #209 Aug. 9, 2012
Issue #208 July 26, 2012
Issue #207 July 12, 2012
Issue # 206 June 28, 2012
Issue #203 May 17, 2012
Issue #202 May 3, 2012
Issue #201 Apr. 19, 2012

Explore Fashion Without Fabric

Tasked with creating clothing without using fabric of any kind, UW-Stout design students have their work cut out for them. Every spring, the university’s Art and Design Department puts on its popular “Fashion Without Fabric” fashion show. “A lot ...

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An Odd Take on the Odd Couple

Menomonie Theater Guild is putting on a rendition of The Odd Couple … with a female cast. “I think that there’s still this sort of mistaken idea and assumption out there that men are funnier or better at comedy,” said Blaine Halverson, executive ...

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Issue #199 Mar. 22, 2012
Issue #198 Mar. 8, 2012
Issue #196 Feb. 9, 2012

State Theatre Gets Into Singing Valentine Biz

This Valentine’s Day, you can show your love for your hunny and the arts at the very same time. The State Theatre, in collaboration with Avalon Floral and Obsession Chocolates, presents “Sweet Notes.” With this unique program, your special ...

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Heyde Center Stages Murderous Opera

There has been a murder at the opera and Madame Mafalda, the opera’s leading lady, is at the center of it all. In the appropriately named play, Murder at the Opera, Madame Mafalda is “involved” with more than one of the opera’s leading men, and ...

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