Issue #362 July 11, 2018

A Play of Many Colors

EC Children’s Theatre produces rock ’n’ roll Bible-based musical

Marie Anthony

The pages were frail and, with every turn, carried the comforting scent of grandma and grandpa’s home. Snuggled together, in a twin bed, two small girls lost themselves – not in dreams of the night – but in the story ...

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Issue #361 June 27, 2018

A State Fair Farewell

CVTG stages its last production at historic State Theatre

Haley Wright, photos by Andrea Paulseth

The final Chippewa Valley Theatre Guild performance at the State Theatre – Rodgers and Hammerstein’s State Fair – will debut June 28 and run through July 1. There are more than 50 people working on this production ...

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Issue #360 June 13, 2018

A Tale Fit for a Queen

religious theater group stages female-fronted biblical musical

Tom Giffey

Maybe it was divine intervention. Maybe it was just a stroke of good luck. Either way, a musical version of the biblical story of Esther arrived in the hands of TAG Ministries, an Eau Claire-based Christian theater company ...

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Issue #357 May 2, 2018

Regis Ready to Play

teacher spearheads community theater group

Haley Wright

Regis Catholic Schools is launching a new organization, the Regis Community Theatre, this year. The theater will put on three shows with religious themes annually at the auditorium at Regis High School ...

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Issue #354 Mar. 21, 2018

Give It up for Funny Women

catch a hilarious touring show that “keeps comedy female”

Rachel Witthoft

Lady Laughs Comedy presents “I <3 Funny Women,” a show touring all over the Midwest that brings together some of the best comedians in the region to make you bust out some huge laughs in the face of a male-dominated ...

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Issue #352 Feb. 21, 2018

Dance (And Sing) With Dragons

Game of Thrones parody will have fantasy lovers laughing

James Johonnott

Send a raven! On March 1 the State Theatre will be dark and full of laughs. Winter is coming, and you can get a front-row seat to all of the fantasy action. Fans of HBO’s Emmy Award-winning Game of Thrones ...

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