Issue #311 July 13, 2016

Federal Grant Boosts CVTC

EC-based tech college takes lead on $5 million investment in industrial mechanics program

Mark Gunderman

Chippewa Valley Technical College will be taking the lead in a $5 million federal Department of Labor TechHire Partnership Grant to be shared with other technical colleges to prepare young adults for well-paying, high-growth jobs ...

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Issue #307 June 1, 2016

Lucid Dreams

despite setbacks, young apparel designer sets his sights on the future

Justine Childs, photos by Andrea Paulseth

So I hear about this story pitch for a young man named Michael and his apparel business called Lucid Life Apparel, I get excited to be doing this story on Michael and his business ...

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Issue #306 May 18, 2016

Fearless Like a Falcon

former debate coach starts public speaking business

Barbara Arnold, photos by Andrea Paulseth

Want to do a TED talk and wondering where to start? Having first-time speaker jitters or experiencing stage fright after years of performing? Prepping for your first high school ...

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Issue #300 February 24, 2016

Got An Idea? You Can Win Big

the annual idea challenge helps spur entrepreneurs

Tom Giffey

Have you got a great business idea burning a hole in your brain? Since 2007, the Idea Challenge, an annual contest sponsored by the Eau Claire Area Economic Development Corp., has been boosting local entrepreneurs. If you’ve got an idea, you can submit an application to the program anytime ...

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Issue #300 February 24, 2016

Rolling With It: UW-Stout class helps farmer with fence cart invention

by UW-Stout News

The Discovery Center at UW-Stout takes pride, among its varied services, in helping entrepreneurs flesh out ideas for products or businesses. “We have a good process – an initial feasibility study – that asks people the right questions. We can get a good idea if it’s going to fly or not,” said Roger Gehring, a development engineer with the Discovery Center ...

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Issue #300 February 24, 2016

Get Ready To Launch

UW-Eau Claire's entrepreneurial training program helps budding businesspeople prepare their plans for success

Tom Giffey

On a Tuesday evening, they leave their day jobs and families behind. They gather – this week, there are 14 of them – in a small classroom on the UW-Eau Claire campus, toting binders, notebooks, and – most importantly – dreams. These dreams of forming new businesses or expanding existing ones will be examined, amended, and honed ...

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Issue #300 February 24, 2016

Another Dynamic Success

new firm flexes its muscles in fitness equipment industry

Barbara Arnold

In a former life, I was a gym rat. Bar bells, weights, clangs, and grunts. Few women subscribed to this lifestyle then. The places were filled with testosterone and iron, black-colored equipment. They were dark, dank, and messy. Sometimes, this neatnik got a workout simply by putting things back where they belonged ... no matter how much they weighed ...

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Issue #297 January 13, 2016

Getting His Ducks in a Row

craftsman transforms golf clubs into waterfowl

Denise Olson, photos by Andrea Paulseth

Other than one of them “accidentally” winding up in the nearest water hazard, it’s hard to see an obvious connection between a golf club and a duck. One local artist, however, has found a perfect marriage between the two, and his business is providing unique handcrafted gifts for golf and hunting enthusiasts alike.

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Issue #295 December 9, 2015

The Year of the Entrepreneur

an increasing focus on startup businesses in the Chippewa Valley is paying dividends, observers say, with more people taking the risky but thrilling leap into entrepreneurship

Tom Giffey, photos by Andrea Paulseth

Pivotal years and critical events are often only recognizable in retrospect. Trends are usually hard to spot when we are in the midst of them. And yet, even keeping such cautious Midwestern wisdom in mind, it’s clear that something has shifted in the Chippewa Valley. From new corner stores to globally recognized innovators ...

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Issue #294 November 25, 2015

Forging Creativity

artisan forge offers flexible space to create

Gigi Roelant, photos by Andrea Paulseth

There’s a lot to love about the Chippewa Valley. I could ramble on for a good long while, but I believe it boils down to one singular truth: We love our home because of just how much love it has to give. We have a reverence for community and it shows. You can see it in the music scene and in the arts ...

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Issue #293 November 11, 2015

Finding a Real Space

vintage furnishing retailer Spaced Out Furnishings opens storefront

Barbara Arnold, photos by Andrea Paulseth

At the corner of Margaret Street and Hogeboom Avenue on the Eastside Hill stands a two-story, pale sage green building. With two huge display windows and a glass door in between on the first floor and two huge black awnings on the second floor, the building almost looks like a person’s face. But it is a building after all.

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Issue #293 November 11, 2015

The Fabric of Time

craft supply store/retreat a realization of lifelong dream

Nikki Lanzer, photos by Andrea Paulseth

Feelin’ crafty this season? At least one Eau Claire woman is. Ann Sandler is breaking out the needle and thread this fall in order to complete her latest project-in-progress: a new craft supply store that will open later this month in Altoona.

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Issue #292 October 28, 2015

Home Goods, Hometown

EC native returns to roots with chic home goods store

Justine Childs, photos by Andrea Paulseth

Fresh exterior paint and newspaper-covered windows mark the birth of a new store at the corner of Dewey and Wisconsin streets, right up the block from the Volume One World Headquarters ...

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Issue #291 October 14, 2015

Plug Into The Sun

catch some rays at the Solar Power Wisconsin conference

Tom Giffey

The moon isn’t the only celestial body that’s super: The sun – our very own mass of incandescent gas – send enough energy to the earth in an hour and a half to meet humanity’s energy needs for an entire year. (Yes, you read that right: a whole year.) So how can we use solar power to do more than just power our pocket calculators? ...

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