Issue #382 April 17, 2019

Pack-Stage Drama

reports detailing Packers’ off-field dysfunction suggest they aren’t that different from other NFL teams

Luc Anthony

We Upper Midwesterners pride ourselves on being people who get to work and get the job done. We will occasionally gripe or slightly panic, but when you need to do your job, you do it ...

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Issue #378 February 20, 2019

Kicking Higher and Higher

Eau Claire taekwondo competitors take aim at national tourney

Luc Anthony

My first cognition of taekwondo – as it may have been for you and much of the public – was in September 1988 during the Summer Olympics in Seoul, South Korea. This was its Olympic debut as a demonstration sport ...

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Issue #376 January 23, 2019

Unique Uniformity

the NBA’s foray into creative jersey design inspires ideas for prep hoop teams

Luc Anthony

If you have caught part of a Bucks or Timberwolves game over the past year-plus – or even just some highlights – you may have come away a bit confused. Home teams wearing colored uniforms and road teams in white ...

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Issue #372 November 28, 2018

Looking Good Out There

geography shapes our fandom, but so do sartorial preferences

Luc Anthony

Six-year-old me would have been envious of 40-year-old me.I fell in love with sports as a first-grader. I summarily began picking favorite teams, collecting baseball and football cards, and going to games. Gazing at pictures of NFL teams in action, one in particular ...

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Issue #363 July 25, 2018

Time to Mull the Gull

the next time we pick a local mascot, how about the seagulls? (seriously)

Luc Anthony

The Chippewa Valley is at a zenith in terms of minor league-style athletics. Combine the new Chippewa Steel of the nationally-renowned NAHL with the well-established Eau Claire Express ...

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Issue #361 June 27, 2018

Ready, Aim, Fore!

forays into golf, trap shooting push writer’s boundaries

Luc Anthony

There are certain activities in life that we would just as soon never do. Some are required – taking out the garbage, doing paperwork – and some are optional, but lead to frustration or indifference or distaste ...

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Issue #359 May 30, 2018

Two for the Ages

in their own ways, Billy Noss and Glenn St. Arnault shaped Eau Claire baseball for decades

Luc Anthony

One month, two baseball legends, both no longer of this planet. Two of the most-present fixtures in the baseball section of Carson Park were Billy Noss and Glenn St. Arnault, both in their late 70s ...

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Issue #355 April 4, 2018

For Brewers, the Future May Be Now

the Brew Crew’s rebuilding process is proceeding faster than anticipated

Luc Anthony

In sports, sometimes you have to bottom-out to top-off, though such a process does not guarantee that you will get back to the top. Lately, some teams in Major League Baseball have realized that their current ...

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Issue #351 Feb. 7, 2018

Inside the Super Bubble

Humvees, zip lines, sports stars, and the view from the Super Bowl’s ‘Radio Row’

Luc Anthony

The National Football League apparently has an obscure bylaw (Article XXIII, section 23.2, subsection A) dictating that the Super Bowl shall be played in the Twin Cities every 26 years. Super Bowl XXVI – the 26th edition ...

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