Issue #375 January 9, 2019

On the Cover | Jan. 9, 2019

learn more about our current cover art from Grace Pedersen

"This piece is inspired by my love for home and my love for adventure. There’s something about seeing and experiencing new things, such as looming snow-capped mountains and vast oceans. At the same time, I very much enjoy small towns in Wisconsin ..."

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Issue #372 November 28, 2018

On the Cover | Nov. 28, 2018

learn more about this week's cover art from Beth Peck

“This illustration is from The Thanksgiving Visitor written by Truman Capote. I think this is a terrific story. Beautifully written and crafted. There is an emotional twist to the story which resonates with me. It is a little painful, and very human, and feel true to the human experience ..."

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Issue #370 October 31, 2018

On the Cover | Oct. 31, 2018

learn more about this week's cover art from Matthew Bergs

“Did you know that moose are called ‘elk’ in Europe and Asia? It’s true. The scientific name for moose is ‘alces alces,’ which is simply Latin for ‘moose.’ The word moose itself is borrowed from Algonquian languages ..."

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Issue #368 October 3, 2018

On the Cover | Oct. 3, 2018

learn more about this week's cover art from Kathy Schmiedeskamp

“In the last year I have been focusing on my photography. I have discovered art in ephemeral botanicals. I can spend hours looking at the colors and patterns on the leaves and flowers. Each one is a work of art. My husband and I have recently joined the Chippewa Valley Photo Club ...

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Issue #360 June 13, 2018

On the Cover | June 13, 2018

learn more about V1's cover art from Derek J. Carlson

"The painting entitled “Somewhere on a Farm” is part of a series consisting of vintage pick-up trucks set in idyllic backdrops. This series is devoted to the shape, line, and contour of these beautiful machines and how they have survived, so far, the test of time. Far from being perfect ..."

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Issue #357 May 2, 2018

On the Cover | May 2, 2018

learn more about Volume One's cover art from Joe Maurer

“Manoonmin is the Ojibwe name for wild rice. Looking at Lake Menomin as an impoundment for sediment and phosphorus and looking at the ‘Wetlands Bill’ which does not value these landscapes, I decided it would be worthy, or at least therapeutic, to imagine an alternate future ..."

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