Walking Through Graveyards

Dan Lyksett

The other night I dreamt about my best friend. I don’t remember exactly what we were doing, but I remember we were having fun. And I remember wondering during the dream if he knew he was dead ...

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Issue #375 January 9, 2019

TeawhYB Transformed

local rapper takes big step forward with proper debut

Eric Christenson

Nearly a decade ago, Tyler Baumgart – a.k.a. TeawhYB – was rapping for the fun of it. The Green Bay native was a kid in high school with a lot of time on his hands without a lot of outlets for his creative ...

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Elegy for 21

Alex Zitzner

never thought I’d be in a penthouse // celebrating some stranger’s 22nd birthday. // The chairs soaked with merlot, a girl // puking on her blue satin dress, various // clouds of smoke creating a faux heaven ...

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