Issue #324 January 11, 2017

Classics and Kids

orchestra’s family show features reading, ‘petting zoo’

Barbara Arnold

A live narration of Meet the Orchestra, a children’s book by Ann Hayes, will take center stage at the Eau Claire Chamber Orchestra’s annual and free Family Concert at 2pm Saturday, Jan. 28 ...

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Issue #324 January 11, 2017

On Her Own

Jerrika Mighelle of sister trio QuinnElizabeth forges ahead with solo album

Katy Macek, photos by Andrea Paulseth

After years of being involved in a trio with her sisters, Jerrika Mighelle wanted to take a step in a new direction. The Eau Claire group known as QuinnElizabeth began to fade as her sisters, Jerissa and Elizabeth, followed different career paths ...

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Issue #324 January 11, 2017

Blooms in Winter

catch sight of summer at ECRAC’s Fabulous Florals show

Haley Wright

Chippewa Valley: get ready to enjoy fine art while smelling the roses at the Fabulous Florals and Fine Arts exhibit at the Eau Claire Regional Arts Center, available for your sensory enjoyment daily Jan. 11-15 ...

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Issue #324 January 11, 2017

Serious Laughter

Twin Cities group to host ambitious comedy retreat in the Chippewa Valley

Mike Paulus

Speaking of the upcoming ComCon winter retreat, Allison Broeren says, “I’m excited to be a nerd with a bunch of other nerds. Spending time with people that are interested in comedy and writing and performing will be the best.”

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Peg Lauber

It snows as if it meant / never to stop. It started / Saturday; now it’s Tuesday / and no end in sight ...

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Issue #323 December 28, 2016

Who Do You Believe?

with Doubt, CVTG tackles tough questions

James Johonnott, photos by Andrea Paulseth

The subject matter of the Chippewa Valley Theatre Guild’s newest production, Doubt: A Parable, stands out as unusually intense for a community theater production in the Chippewa Valley ...

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Issue #323 December 28, 2016

Dynamite Duet

local jazz great returns for homecoming dinner concert

Katie Larson

Eau Claire native and multiple Grammy-nominated pianist Geoffrey Keezer is pairing up with jazz vocalist Gillian Margot on Wednesday, Jan. 11 for a night of entertainment and renowned cuisine at The Lakely. Keezer, hailed by musicians and ...

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