Issue #300 February 24, 2016

A Long Wait For Cake

patience is key for those whose birthday is on the rarest of all days: February 29

by Allison Puestow

We all love our birthdays. Even if you’re the kind of person who hates getting older and constantly lies about your age, you still love and celebrate your birthday. And why not? It’s the day when you become the center of attention and get showered with cake and presents. But for someone like me, birthdays don’t come every year ...

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Issue #300 February 24, 2016

Small City, Big Laughs

whenever they tour, Peoria comic and friends make it a point to stop in Eau Claire

by Drift Roberts

In my hometown of Peoria, Ill., I’ve logged dozens of hours on stage at the Jukebox Comedy Club. I started doing standup there the week I turned 17. In addition to performing across the Midwest, I’ve continued to do comedy locally not just at the Jukebox, but also in a friend’s basement, a brewery, a karaoke saloon, a coffeeshop, a biker festival ...

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Issue #299 February 10, 2016

We Use Shovels Here

snowblowers are for people with no sense of place

by Mike Paulus, design by Serena Wagner

Well, it took a while, but the Chippewa Valley has finally gotten what I consider to be real shovelin’ snow. That is to say, we’ve finally gotten snow that probably won’t melt on its own within a day or two, excusing me from having to physically remove it from my driveway. The most recent “snow event,” as the city is fond of saying ...

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Issue #299 February 10, 2016

A Winter Surge for the Valley's Cultural Landscape

by Nick Meyer

Hot on the heels of the Banbury Art Crawl, which was Feb. 5-6, the Chippewa Valley’s arts and culture scene is about to step it up even further this February. And that’s above and beyond the usual list of music, theater, comedy, literature, and art events that take place at venues across the valley every week. This surge is in large part due to a few major developments ...

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Issue #299 February 10, 2016

On The Cover | February 10, 2016

artwork by Charles Davis

“Ballerina” Mixed Media 11” x 17” by Charles Davis Charles Davis is a self-taught artist who started drawing comic books and branched into other genres. This piece, which has been displayed at Acoustic Cafe, was inspired by a photo he ran across at the L.E. Phillips Memorial Public Library.

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Issue #298 January 27, 2016

Breaking Out Into the Cold

after years as weather wimps, the Vikings tackle subzero weather in memorable game

by Luc Anthony, design by Serena Wagner

The thing with El Niño winters is that, despite the overall warmth, you can always get a cold snap here or there. Usually it is nothing like in an ordinary winter, but if the timing is just so ...

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Issue #298 January 27, 2016

Icy Reflections

laments swirling around the old neighborhood rink

by Eric Rasmussen

My kids are seven and five, so they don’t know any better. I like to take them sledding at Mitscher Park, the neighborhood park just a block south of our house. There’s no technical sledding hill in the acre-ish field. It is essentially a big divot in the middle of the grid of houses south of Hamilton Avenue, west of Rudolph Road, and east of State Street ...

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Issue #297 January 13, 2016

Dark Winter Light

the cold curiosities we find hiding in the night

by Mike Paulus, illustrated by Serena Wagner

It’s so bright outside. In the middle of the night. I clicked off the little lamp on my nightstand, and now the bedroom windows are blooming with light. The shades are shut, but still it comes through. I think of movies where alien ships land in the backyard. But this is different.

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Issue #296 December 23, 2015

From the Visitor's Section

seeing a collegiate basketball game in person is where it’s at

by Luc Anthony

Walking into Zorn Arena on a recent mild El Niño December evening, I looked for a spot to watch the Blugolds women’s basketball game. Not being a student, that particular section was a must-avoid – as was the long line of enthusiastic students waiting to get inside for a non-conference game. The area near the benches ...

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