Issue #310 June 29, 2016

It's Not Just a Game

kubb has been changing lives in the Valley for over 10 years

by Eric Anderson, design by Serena Wagner

I have lost count of the number of times people have told me kubb has changed their lives. It happens more often now, but it started within my first year of moving to Eau Claire ...

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Issue #308 June 15, 2016

Pool Identity: the making of an Eau Claire icon

after 25 years, the Fairfax Pool in Eau Claire is still a summertime hot spot for sunshine, water, and nachos

by Eric Rasmussen, design by Serena Wagner

The importance of the year 1991 in Eau Claire history cannot be overstated. People built buildings. And roads. Controversy regarding all sorts of stuff rankled the residents of the Chippewa Valley ...

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Issue #307 June 1, 2016

Sticking It Out

After one year in Eau Claire, I wanted to leave. After 30 years, I’m happy I stayed.

by Rob Reid, design by Serena Wagner

My wife Jayne and I moved our family to Eau Claire 30 years ago this spring. We both recently turned 60 years of age. That means we have lived half of our lives in Eau Claire ...

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Issue #306 May 18, 2016

Syttende Why?

the Valley’s strong Scandinavian heritage makes Norway’s Syttende Mai holiday worth celebrating

by Luc Anthony, design by Serena Wagner

You are reading this magazine. Therefore, since you are likely a Chippewa Valley resident, you know someone who is Norwegian. Along with Packer fandom and Friday fish fries ...

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Issue #305 May 4, 2016

Vicarious Roller Grrrl

roller derby is an exercise in empowerment – for fans as well as competitors

by Laura Lash, photos by Luong Huynh

As we enter the sports center, the matchup has already begun. The Chippewa Valley Roller Girls are hosting the Keweenaw Roller Girls from ...

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Issue #304 April 20, 2016

Morning Glory

in a Wisconsin spring, the early bird gets the best show

by Justin Patchin, photos by Justin Patchin

I looked up from my breakfast bowl, which was filled to the brim with milk-soaked Frosted Mini-Wheats, and noticed through the sliding glass door which faces east from our house ...

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Issue #302 March 23, 2016

Life and Vegetables

springtime in Eau Claire is for get-up-and-growing

by Hope Greene, illustrated by Serena Wagner

My children both sing more in the winter than they do in the spring. Spring seems to be for screaming; that shrieky life-shout swirling in a bubbly sound-stew out of the playground ...

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Issue #301 March 9, 2016

10 National Development Trends Found in Downtown Eau Claire

an urban development expert outlined 10 downtown trends, and you can see all of them in Eau Claire

by Tom Giffey, photos by Andrea Paulseth

From where we sit, the redevelopment of downtown Eau Claire looks like it’s on the path toward success. Cranes crisscross the sky, new buildings are rising, old ones are being rehabilitated, and government and private leaders and the public at large are pulling toward the common goal of cementing the center of our city ...

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Issue #300 February 24, 2016

Small City, Big Laughs

whenever they tour, Peoria comic and friends make it a point to stop in Eau Claire

by Drift Roberts

In my hometown of Peoria, Ill., I’ve logged dozens of hours on stage at the Jukebox Comedy Club. I started doing standup there the week I turned 17. In addition to performing across the Midwest, I’ve continued to do comedy locally not just at the Jukebox, but also in a friend’s basement, a brewery, a karaoke saloon, a coffeeshop, a biker festival ...

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Issue #298 January 27, 2016

Icy Reflections

laments swirling around the old neighborhood rink

by Eric Rasmussen

My kids are seven and five, so they don’t know any better. I like to take them sledding at Mitscher Park, the neighborhood park just a block south of our house. There’s no technical sledding hill in the acre-ish field. It is essentially a big divot in the middle of the grid of houses south of Hamilton Avenue, west of Rudolph Road, and east of State Street ...

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Issue #292 October 28, 2015

Ode to the Gemini

it’s easy to be nostalgic about our legendary drive-in theater’s unbeatable atmosphere

by Barbara Arnold, photos by Serena Wagner

My friend and former neighbor, B.J. Hollars, posted a photo to Facebook in late September with a photo of his young son’s silhouette in front of the huge 90-foot movie screen showing Hotel Transylvania 2 (2015) framed in the dusky, dark blue sky. “Last night at the drive-in,” it read ...

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Issue #287 August 19, 2015

Inspiring Art

living in the Valley’s art-friendly environment can spur anyone’s creativity – even mine

by Justin Patchin, photos by Justin Patchin

I never thought I’d find myself sitting alone on the southern shore of Lake Wissota at 2 in the morning with a camera – affixed atop a tripod – pointed skyward. But there I was, a few weeks ago, trying to make a permanent portrayal of the famously ephemeral aurora borealis ...

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Issue #286 August 5, 2015

Out at Coon Fork

why we endure the voluntary isolation of camping with family

by Eric Rasmussen, illustrated by Serena Wagner

‘What do you think family camping will be like in 20 years?” my cousin asked. We sat in the middle of the road on folding camp chairs, because that was the only place we could find some shade. Camping weekend is always either too hot or too cold. This was a hot year, and the family all loitered ...

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Issue #285 July 22, 2015

Little Shows, Big Entertainment

how local music can compete with the arena rock experience

by Ken Szymanski, photos by Luong Huynh

Growing up in the ’80s, it was all about Big. Big hair. Big boom boxes. Big guitar solos at big concerts. Pyrotechnics! Shout-along choruses! Even throughout the ’90s, I liked big venues: Alpine Valley, Target Center, or, later, the rolling hills of Rock Fest. There was something communal about ...

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Issue #283 June 24, 2015

Don't Go Changing

a handful of local businesses are totally acing the test of time

by Eric Rasmussen, photos by Travis Dewitz

I apologize for bragging, and many of you probably know this already, but I was on the champion Parks and Rec 11-13 year old baseball team in 1992. It might have been 1991, or 1993, but either way it was a major event in my life and in the history of the city. Local baseball fans undoubtedly still discuss the skills ...

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