Issue #347 Dec. 13, 2017

Opening Shot | Dec. 13, 2017

photos by Brett Walker

The 6th Annual Clearwater Winter Parade kicked off the holiday season in downtown Eau Claire on the evening of Friday, Dec. 1 with a fireworks display marking the start of the parade. A fairly mild night for December in Wisconsin, plenty of people were on hand to see the parade meander down 1st Avenue.

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Issue #346 Nov. 29, 2017

Opening Shot | Nov. 29, 2017

photos by Branden Nall

LET’S HEAR IT FOR THE BAND. The 8th annual Stage Fright show, where local musicians re-enact The Band’s legendary final concert (as seen in the concert film The Last Waltz), found a new home this year as the first ever concert at The Metro in downtown Eau Claire on Nov. 22 ...

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Issue #343 Oct. 18, 2017

Opening Shot | Oct. 18, 2017

photos by Andrea Paulseth

OVER THE RAINBOW. The unveiling of the River Lights at Phoenix Park took place on Thursday evening, Oct. 12. The lights are scheduled to be lit every night from sunset until 11pm and to turn back on at 5am until sunrise for an early-morning display ...

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Issue #341 Sept. 20, 2017

Opening Shot | Sept. 20, 2017

photos by Andrea Paulseth

The first-ever Chippewa Valley Restaurant Week (which runs through Sept. 24) kicked off Sept. 14 with the First Taste Culinary Crawl – an event sprawling across the top floor of Banbury Place’s Building 13. Ten of Restaurant Week’s nearly 40 eateries offered special menu samples to attendees who could roam the halls and shops.

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Issue #339 Aug. 23, 2017

Opening Shot | Aug. 23, 2017

photos by Andrea Paulseth

CELESTIAL PHENOMENON. On Aug. 21 the rain clouds parted so that Eau Claire could enjoy a view of this year’s remarkable solar eclipse. From our vantage point, about 84 percent of the sun was covered by the moon. Above: Several fans of the sun got in the spirit at the Children’s Museum of Eau Claire’s eclipse block party.

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Issue #337 July 26, 2017

Opening Shot | July 26, 2017

photos by Mike O'Brien

The House of Rock on Water Street closed its doors after 17 years of live local music with a massive “Last Call” show – a two-night affair (July 21 and 22) with 27 bands giving the venue a proper send-off. Above: Guitarist Matt Florence performs with The Nicotines, who reunited to rock one last time on the House of Rock stage.

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Issue #335 June 28, 2017

Opening Shot | June 28, 2017

photos by Timothy Mather

THE TRAILS ARE A LITTLE WET TODAY. Menomonie’s Wakanda Park Beach hosted the Lake Menomin WaterX June 24 and 25. The event saw drag races and oval races where competitors flew across the water on snowmobiles. Racers must go at least 30mph to stay afloat, but often reach 70 to 80mph.

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Issue #332 May 17, 2017

Opening Shot | May 17, 2017

photos by Andrea Paulseth

IT’S HIP TO ZIP. A pair of happy zip-liners try out the new motorized zip-line at Action City in Eau Claire. Open as of Saturday, May 6, the ride is 130 feet high and 700 feet long. The amusement center also opened up a new outdoor go-kart track on the same day.

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Issue #331 May 2, 2017

Opening Shot | May 3, 2017

photos by Shane Newman

THEY CALLED IN THE BIG DRUMS. One World Taiko came to The Heyde Center for the Arts on Saturday, April 29. One World Taiko is a professional Japanese drum ensemble featuring Gary Tsujimoto and Nancy Ozaki, who bring their own creative rhythms, arrangements and choreography, and energetic spirit to the ancient art of Taiko.

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