Issue #276 March 18, 2015
Mindful Matters 2015

What Is Mindfulness?

Yoga, meditation, and mindfulness have infused our pop-culture. Even if you have not partaken in these practices, you may recognize yoga poses happening in a yogurt commercial or Buddha jokes in a print ad. Acupuncture has a place in chiropractic ...

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Urban Living 2015

Living Above

living downtown can often mean living above something; we talked to a handful of residents about their experiences being the upstairs neighbor

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Start Up 2015
Kids & Family - Winter 2015
Health & Fitness Winter 2015
Back to School 2014

Mascot v. Mascot

They’re both blue, made of fuzzy foam, and have the job of boosting school spirit. But which Chippewa Valley university mascot would win in a fight?

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Teacher Tell-all

High school students, listen up: If you want to stay on your teachers’ good side, check this advice about what annoys them — then don’t do those things.

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Go Green 2014

Local Group Lobbys in Washington

The Citizens’ Climate Lobby is a national organization aimed to encourage lawmakers to take the environment into account with their legislation. Recently, a number of Wisconsin chapters have popped up, including one here in Eau Claire.

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Where the Jobs Are 2014

How Do We Attract Jobs?

Eau Claire’s economic development administrator Mike Schatz offers us an inside look at how the city attracts employers and boosts the local job market.

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Local Job Numbers

Unemployment statistics fluctuate all the time, but in the past few years they’ve (mostly) been fluctuating in the right direction: downward. Between May 2013 and this May – the last month for which stats are available – the share of the ...

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Staying or Going: jobs for graduates

By the numbers, a healthy share of college graduates stick around Eau Claire after they’re done with school. Typically, colleges send out surveys to recent grads every year to keep track of things like how long it took them to find a job, whether ...

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Hard to Fill: Jobs that need workers

OK, eager job seekers: Have you got the skills to pay the bills? Apparently not, at least as far as many potential employers are concerned. Large shares of employers nationally and in western Wisconsin say that they’re having trouble filling ...

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Vintage Wares 2014

Founding the Foundry Sale

Initially started as a way to get rid of some things, Mary Freeberg and her husband began the Foundry Sale, a periodic, multi-seller, vintage and antique market housed in a old foundry near Banbury Place.

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Pet Project 2014

Top Dogs Turn Your Pup into an All-Star

Flyball – This competitive canine sport includes a 51-foot long course that requires four puppy participants to jump four hurdles, activate a spring-loaded box and catch a tennis ball. When one dog returns to the start/finish line ...

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Meat! 2014
Weddings 2013

How to Keep It Green

To keep with the ever-growing trend of being green and saving the environment (oh yeah, and just being a good citizen of the world), here’s some extreme tips for keeping your wedding environmentally-friendly, and some alternatives if you’re ...

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Coffee Culture 2013

Drip, Drop, Drip

Half Moon Tea & Spice might specialize in the leaves, but they’ve also got beans roasted around the region for “pour over” coffee.

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Coffee Sins

Many of us make our own coffee in the morning (or evening), but what are we messing up when we don’t leave it to the pros?

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Brewing a Fair Trade

A local nonprofit connects Wisconsin with coffee farmers around the world in a way that helps farmers and gets us the best beans.

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Issue #241 Nov. 7, 2013
Hauntings 2013
Back to School 2013
Issue #235 August 15, 2013

How Local is Local?

The Eau Claire Downtown Farmers Market prides itself as a showcase for locally grown food. But some vendors are worried that a new rule mandating local ingredients in prepared foods might ...

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Go Green 2013
Hip Trips/Wine Time 2013
Outdoor Adventures (Spring & Summer 2013)
At Home 2013
Car Culture 2013
Start Up 2013

PROS & CONS: Entrepreneurship in the Valley

OK, you want to start a business. You can’t control every factor that could lead to success or failure, but there is one major element you can: geography. So should you pack up your amazing idea and head elsewhere, or is the Chippewa Valley the ...

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Health, Fitness, & Wellness (Spring 2013)
Weddings & Occasions 2013
Holiday Handbook 2012

A Buy Local Gift Guide (2012)

Here’s an idea: why not pepper this year’s “gifts to buy” list with a number of fine items crafted right here in the good ol’ Chippewa Valley? It’s fun, thoughtful, and it helps contribute to the place you call home. And with the following guide, it’

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Fall Harvest 2012
Issue #211 Sept. 6, 2012
Back to School 2012
Where the Jobs Are

3 local resources for job hunters

Career counseling is an opportunity to work individually with a counselor on all aspects of the career search process. A counselor can provide you with an assessment of your skills, interests, values, and personality, as ...

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Pet Project 2012
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