Issue #355 April 4, 2018

Hiking Beyond the Valley

grab your boots and bug spray, then hit the road to find these fabulous hiking spots

Rob Reid, photos by Rob Reid

Last year, I wrote an article for Volume One titled 25 Hiking Trails in the Chippewa Valley, which you can read online at For hiking enthusiasts willing to drive a bit outside of the area ...

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Issue #349 Jan. 10, 2018

Indoors or Out, Just Keep Moving

how to keep your family active when winter weather drives you indoors

Lauren Fisher, photos by Andrea Paulseth

School, homework, holidays, shorter daylight hours, and an ever-increasing pile of essential cold-weather gear become a nearly insurmountable obstacle in the way of staying active during ...

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Issue #347 Dec. 13, 2017

Sweet, Sweaty Sweaters

Ugly Sweater 5K offers exercise, fashion failures

Emily Kinzel

As the Christmas season begins, some are excited for eggnog and presents, while others enjoy trimming the tree next to a cozy fire. Yet in recent years there has developed a country-wide mania for “ugly” holiday sweater ...

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