Issue #324 January 11, 2017

Twist and Stretch: Yoga for Kids

teaching kids yoga basics can boost their breathing and strength

Katie Larson, photos by Andrea Paulseth

The word “yoga” means “union” and is generally associated with bringing the mind and body together. Aside from building strength and flexibility, yoga incorporates breathing and relaxation techniques designed to release stress and negativity from our bodies and minds ...

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Issue #314 August 24, 2016

When Dinosaurs Walked the Earth

life-size prehistoric reptiles to take over Chippewa Falls fairgrounds

Hailey Novak

If a considerable part of your childhood involved watching Land Before Time videos on your VCR and referring to leaves as “tree stars” just like Spike and Littlefoot, or even if you’re simply an avid Jurassic Park fan, get ready to experience ...

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Issue #313 August 10, 2016

Ready for 'Real' School

Children's Museum counts it down for kindergartners-to-be

Tom Giffey

For those of us for whom kindergarten is a long-ago memory, it’s hard to appreciate what a huge transition it is for the 5-year-olds who will soon stream uncertainly through school doors armed with little more than ...

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Issue #308 June 15, 2016

Udderly Fantastic

Children's Museum marks Dairy Month with new calf

Tom Giffey, photos by Andrea Paulseth

Get ready to milk June Dairy Month for all it’s worth: The Children’s Museum of Eau Claire has a series of dairy good times planned, all centered around the anticipated arrival of ...

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Issue #305 May 4, 2016

Unfolding History

mobile lumber museum to debut in Chppewa Falls

Mike Seitz

The Past Passed Here has become an annual event coordinated by the Chippewa County Historical Society where folks can learn about local history. For years, this event has included reenactments ...

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Issue #304 April 20, 2016

Stemming the Gap

EC kids get hands-on science experience

A partnership among the Eau Claire Public Schools Foundation, Xcel Energy, and UW-Eau Claire’s Blugold Beginnings has produced a high-energy, high-learning program at Roosevelt Elementary in Eau Claire ...

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Issue #302 March 23, 2016

Nano-Scale Marvels

NanoDays 2016 at the Children’s Museum of Eau Claire

One of the Chippewa Valley’s premiere places for small people is thinking big about the little stuff – the really, really little stuff. On Tuesday, March 29, from 6:30-8pm, the Children’s Museum of Eau Claire ...

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Issue #301 March 9, 2016

Come Out to Play, Everyone!

Children’s Museum initiative designed to open doors to all kids, no matter their background or income

Haley Wright, photos by Andrea Paulseth

The Children’s Museum of Eau Claire is a unique destination for the children of the Chippewa Valley to learn and be inspired by engaging all of their senses in hands-on exhibits and interactive programming. The museum’s recently launched Play for All Initiative is intended to open up the museum’s doors (and unlock its wonders) to all children in the community ...

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