Issue #341 Sept. 20, 2017

Orange, Black, & Teal

specially painted pumpkins make Halloween less scary for kids with food allergies

Susan Krahn

Halloween can be a scary time for the millions of families across the country managing food allergies. Food allergies are a potentially life-threatening conditions and are a growing public health issue ...

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Issue #341 Sept. 20, 2017

Who Will Be My Friend?

that’s the question asked (and answered) in a retired teacher’s colorful tale

Cassandra Kyser, photos by Andrea Paulseth

The Chippewa Valley’s youngest readers have a new book to enjoy at story time. Colfax author Jeanne Styczinski has published her third book, Who Will Be My Friend?

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Issue #338 Aug. 9, 2017

Larger Than Life

new Bunyan book collects the giant’s many tall tales

Barbara Arnold, photos by Andrea Paulseth

Necessity is the mother of invention. Diana Peterson, executive director of Eau Claire’s own Paul Bunyan Logging Camp Museum, could not find any new books about Paul Bunyan and Babe ...

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Issue #331 May 2, 2017

Good Reasons to Give

gala brings together three charities for music, dancing

Hillary Bell

In a combined effort to provide more benefits for kids and families, three of the Chippewa Valley’s nonprofit organizations are coming together and holding a fun and exciting spring fundraiser ...

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Issue #331 May 2, 2017

Extending a Friendly Hand

Hands of Peace performance comes together against bullying

Emily Kinzel

Chippewa Valley Montessori Elementary School is teaming up with BaredFeet Co., a local nonprofit, to produce an art performance piece aimed at charity and peace, while conveying an anti-bullying message ...

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Issue #330 April 5, 2017

Korea in Eau Claire

Kgam Studio hopes to create art across cultures and help us dance together

Emily Kinzel, photos by Andrea Paulseth

The dance community in the Chippewa Valley is always growing, and its newest resource comes in the form of Kgam Studio, a Korean cross-cultural dance studio, which opened ...

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Issue #327 February 22, 2017

Fab Lab for Everyone

Children’s Museum’s latest gets creative with science

Zach Schultz, photos by Andrea Paulseth

‘A ship in harbor is safe,” author and professor John Augustus Shedd once wrote, “but that is not what ships are made for.” Those core concepts of being willing to make attempts and risk failure have led the leadership ...

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Issue #327 February 22, 2017

Mindfulness in the Classroom

students, teachers say meditative practice improves kids’ lives

Kristin Schrader, photos by Andrea Paulseth

Mindfulness, one of the many forms of meditation, is gaining recognition in educational systems throughout the world. In the Chippewa Valley, there are many teachers either applying formal mindfulness skills or skills such as deep breathing to help students be more ...

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Issue #324 January 11, 2017

Twist and Stretch: Yoga for Kids

teaching kids yoga basics can boost their breathing and strength

Katie Larson, photos by Andrea Paulseth

The word “yoga” means “union” and is generally associated with bringing the mind and body together. Aside from building strength and flexibility, yoga incorporates breathing and relaxation techniques designed to release stress and negativity from our bodies and minds ...

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Issue #314 August 24, 2016

When Dinosaurs Walked the Earth

life-size prehistoric reptiles to take over Chippewa Falls fairgrounds

Hailey Novak

If a considerable part of your childhood involved watching Land Before Time videos on your VCR and referring to leaves as “tree stars” just like Spike and Littlefoot, or even if you’re simply an avid Jurassic Park fan, get ready to experience ...

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Issue #313 August 10, 2016

Ready for 'Real' School

Children's Museum counts it down for kindergartners-to-be

Tom Giffey

For those of us for whom kindergarten is a long-ago memory, it’s hard to appreciate what a huge transition it is for the 5-year-olds who will soon stream uncertainly through school doors armed with little more than ...

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