Issue #349 Jan. 10, 2018

Murder and a Meal

Zach Schultz, photos by Andrea Paulseth

Fun, murder, and food? Sign me up! (Especially because nobody actually gets murdered.) Deb’s Café in Chippewa Falls is hosting a 1960s-themed murder mystery dinner party on Jan. 13. This dinner ...

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Issue #348 Dec. 27, 2017

Grandma’s Coffee Pot

a story of family, loss, and how we grow up without even realizing it

Cassandra Kyser

love coffee, so it’s easy for me to forget that I used to abhor the stuff. I started drinking it in my early 20s, as a way to cope with being a night owl in an early bird’s world. I had previously worked ...

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Issue #346 Nov. 29, 2017

So, What Makes a Craft Cocktail?

Thom Fountain, photos by Andrea Paulseth

Let’s cut to the chase here: We’re going to spend a lot of time here just talking about booze. But booze plays an important role in our culture. We gather in bars to watch sports and talk politics and go on first dates ....

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Issue #346 Nov. 29, 2017

Wandering Spirits

you can create unique cocktails with the Lakely

Measha Vieth, photos by Nick Meyer

The Lakely has been passionate about craft cocktails since they opened their doors a little over a year ago. Bar manager Jorja Vradenberg and bartender Logan Slaght are always looking ...

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Issue #344, Nov. 1, 2017

Nacho Average Chip and Dip

Together Farms and Chip Magnet pair up for cheesy gig

Emily Kinzel

What’s better than Taco Tuesday? Nacho Friday! Join local companies Together Farms and Chip Magnet for a nacho-filled event, Nacho Night Six Ways Cooking Demo. Release yourself from your Netflix ...

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Issue #344, Nov. 1, 2017

Catering to Your Needs

when a party gets big, it’s time to call a professional

Tom Giffey, photos by Nick Meyer

So you decided to throw a holiday party – a BIG one. This year, you’re inviting all your friends/relatives/customers/clients/random strangers to eat/drink/be merry in the celebration of the holiday of your choice ...

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