Issue #310 June 29, 2016

Dairy Diary

one woman's self-guided tour through some of the region's best dairy breakfasts in all their cheesy glory

by Katie Vagnino, photos by Andrea Paulseth, Dunn County Extension

Let me begin with a confession: I’m kind of obsessed with breakfast food. When McDonald’s announced plans to offer its breakfast menu all day, I was delighted. Breakfast, with its perfect balance ...

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Issue #310 June 29, 2016

Vow of Tastiness

newly opened Monk's Bar & Grill offers meaty menu, sporty fun

by Anne Sandell, photos by Andrea Paulseth

Monkey fries, carnivore tots, and monkburgers, oh my! Monk’s Bar and Grill is bringing terrifyingly tasty dishes to the Eau Claire area that are sure to please families and sports fanatics ...

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Issue #310 June 29, 2016

Late Night Cheese Fix

Water St. shop whipping up cheesy, greasy delicacies

by Sammy Gibbons, photos by Andrea Paulseth

The newest restaurant on Water Street serves as a beacon of hope for those bar-hoppers crawling down the avenue in search of the perfect midnight snack ...

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Issue #310 June 29, 2016

When Inga Met Alice

Alice in Dairyland (and nine of her predecessors) gather around public TV's Farm Table

by Tom Giffey, photos by Mark Aumann

When Alice traveled through the looking glass, she discovered a land populated with talking flowers, living chess pieces, and Jabberwocks. When Inga traveled through a 21st century looking glass into her own TV program, she discovered an Alice ...

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Issue #307 June 1, 2016

So Very Dairy

Breakfast in the Valley marks 20 years of hearty helpings

by Katie Robertson

If you’re an early bird who loves a good breakfast, then you’re in luck! The Eau Claire Area Chamber of Commerce will be hosting the 20th annual Breakfast in the Valley on Friday ...

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Issue #304 April 20, 2016

Where Fruit Wines Flourish

from cranberry to currant to rhubarb, Eleva’s Bemis Bluff has it all

by Kylie Lato, photos by Kylie Lato

Charming and picturesque, Bemis Bluff Winery is nestled in the rolling hills of Eleva, off Highway 93 across from the Blueberry Ridge Orchard. They offer an inviting outdoor deck ...

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Issue #304 April 20, 2016

Keeping Spirits Up

Chippewa Falls winery adds distilling gin, whiskey, and vodka to their operation

by Amelia Kimball

Standing outside on a gorgeous sunny day, gazing out at the vineyards and sipping a quality glass of wine is an experience. An experience River Bend Vineyard & Winery in Chippewa Falls is committed to ...

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Issue #304 April 20, 2016

FEATURE: Uncorking the Chippewa Valley Wine Scene

Yes, Wisconsin is beer country, but wine lovers who look closely will find palate-pleasing restaurants, retailers, wine bars, and vineyards aplenty.

by Katie Vagnino, photos by Andrea Paulseth, Hanna Agar

It took everything in me not to cry out in horror. I knew that bars in Eau Claire would be a little different than the ones I was used to on the East Coast (for instance, l had been warned that many ...

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