Issue #371 November 14, 2018

From Ho-Hum to Ho Ho Ho!

Forget the itchy sweaters. Here are some ways to celebrate with creativity.

Tom Giffey, photos by Andrea Paulseth

Brace yourselves: The next few weeks will be a blur of holiday parties. These galas and gatherings, big and small, certainly add to the joy of the season, but sometimes they can run together.

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Issue #369 October 17, 2018

New River Prairie Eatery Offers Latitude

44 North aims to offer a complete dining experience

Emilee Wentland, photos by Andrea Paulseth

44 North, a recently opened gastropub in River Prairie, is looking to change up how people dine. The 12,000-square-foot building in Altoona has a gaming and sports bar area on the lower level called Vs. (pronounced “versus”), whereas the upper level ...

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Issue #367 September 19, 2018

Celebrating & Building Our Restaurant Scene

join the return of Chippewa Valley Restaurant Week, featuring nearly 50 restaurants

photos by Andrea Paulseth

Ladies and gentlemen, start your palates! Thursday, Sept. 20, is the kickoff of Volume One’s second annual Chippewa Valley Restaurant Week, brought to you in partnership with Time Federal Savings Bank. The First Taste Culinary Crawl at River Prairie Center

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Issue #367 September 19, 2018

Run Into This Sandbar

bar and grill offers fun, food, drink – and paddles

Haley Wright, photos by Andrea Paulseth

The SandBar & Grill outside Chippewa Falls has generated all kinds of buzz as it has grown into a hot spot on the Lake Wissota scene, becoming known for quality food and drinks as well as a great time ...

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Issue #367 September 19, 2018

The Marigold Café

Elk Mound sisters dole out choice paninis and authentic gelato

V1 Staff

The Marigold Café may be a local food truck, but it certainly offers a global taste. Run by retired Elk Mound sisters Susan Miller and Joy Falch, the “definitely girly truck” combines Italian cuisine with a floral aesthetic...

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Issue #366 September 5, 2018

You Can Pickle That?

adventures beyond the cucumber

Lauren Fisher

We’ve enjoyed another bounteous summer, but as the chill settles in and fall brings farmers market season to a close, it’s time to consider ways to get the most out of the remaining fall produce. Pickling is a centuries-old technique for preserving foods that involves submerging foods in vinegar ...

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