Turn of the Decade

forward thinking on Eau Claire's next 10 years

video by Nick Meyer, Joel Pearish

Less than 48 hours before the dawn of 2020, we invited a group of 14 locals to sit down and talk about the decade ahead in Eau Claire.

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Issue #401 Jan. 8, 2020

How High Will It Go?

neighbors concerned about planned expansion of Eau Claire’s Seven Mile Creek landfill

Julian Emerson, photos by Andrea Paulseth

When Kathy and Dennis Campbell bought 40 acres in town of Seymour in 1996, they looked forward to living in the midst of trees and open land on their property 4½ miles northeast of Eau Claire ...

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Issue #401 Jan. 8, 2020

Name Game 2k19

counting down the top newborn names of the past year

Tom Giffey

Confession time: When my wife was carrying our first child, I didn’t ease my pre-parental anxiety by absorbing What to Expect When You’re Expecting or some similar advice book. Instead, I read a ...

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Issue #401 Jan. 8, 2020

New Cannery Plan OK’d

residential development already underway in EC riverside neighborhood

Tom Giffey

The new year will bring new development to the Cannery District on the west side of the Chippewa River in downtown Eau Claire. In late December, the city’s Redevelopment Authority approved ...

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Issue #400 Dec. 25, 2019

4 Things to Know About Radon

here’s how to detect, test, and make sure you know the facts about this tricky and potentially dangerous gas

Elizabeth Paulson

You can’t see it, taste it, or smell it, but radon gas may cause lung cancer – and it could be in your home. January is National Radon Action Month, and here are some basic questions and answers about this dangerous gas ...

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