Issue #146 February 25th, 2010


online museum project chronicles regional culture

Emily Kuhn, photos by Frank H. Robinson

“If you’ve gone tubing at FATFAR, write about it. If you saw a celebrity down at The Joynt, write about it.” – CVM Editor Frank Smoot on the broad range of topics will include

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Issue #144 January 28th, 2010

New Venue?

Nate and Justin Vernon hope to renovate downtown building into cultural space

Nick Meyer, photos by Jesse Johnson

“The Vernons’ proposal was an opportunity for downtown to go for the home run instead of playing it safe with a single. ... There is a big upside for the community if this project is successful.” – Mike Schatz, EC Economic Development Administrator & RDA

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Issue #143 January 14th, 2010

Arts Link

new arts-based networking group forms

Trevor Kupfer

“We could make this big pretentious group with a hoity toity mission, but really we’re just some people getting together to enjoy great shows.”

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