Issue #353 Mar. 7, 2018

For the Love of Order

hearing scheduled for “Public Good Order” amendments

Lauren Fisher, photos by Andrea Paulseth

The Eau Claire City Council will hold a public hearing March 12 7-9pm at the Council Chamber at 203 S. Farwell St. to discuss amendments to the city’s “Public Good Order” ordinance ...

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Issue #352 Feb. 21, 2018

School of Thought

mental health organization offers mindfulness training

Lauren Fisher

Brenda Scheurer, director of the Mental Health Matters Coalition, was moved when she read that more than one in four Chippewa County middle and high school students had felt so sad or hopeless ...

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Issue #350 Jan. 24, 2018

The Making of a Dress Designer

catching up with Linyage to talk heirlooms, brides, and trends

Justine Childs

Lindsay Ulness grew up in Eau Claire and loved drawing since she could remember. In fifth grade her class sewed teddy bears and she fell in love. She asked for a sewing machine for her 12th birthday and started creating ...

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Issue #350 Jan. 24, 2018

Starting Something New

Seeking the perfect wedding location? Here are some of the Valley’s newest venues.

Tom Giffey

The Chippewa Valley has no shortage of venues for your special day, from scenic parks where you can begin your married life surrounded by natural beauty to hotel ballrooms where you can wine and dine like stars ...

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Issue #297 January 13, 2016

Asking the Wedding Experts

talking to local photographers, florists, and more about all the crazy weddings they’ve attended

photos by Randy Lee

“I saw a bride’s wedding dress nearly get pooped on by her bare-bottomed toddler. I didn’t know the child was about to poop and ended up with a picture of the moment.”

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