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Stout Grad Designs Brand New Hog

UW-Stout alumnus Rich Christoph not only loves Harley Davidson, he also designs for them. Christoph’s latest design, the Forty-Eight, is an idea that came to him one night when he couldn’t sleep.

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Library of Congress Hits the Road

What has 18 wheels, expands to three times its road width, contains priceless historical treasures, and rolls into Eau Claire on Nov. 19 and 20? It’s the Library of Congress’ newest traveling exhibit, the Gateway to Knowledge.

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Issue #162 2010-10-07

Glimpse | A Museum for the Birds

The historical Clark Bird Museum, located inside Phillips Science Hall at UW-Eau Claire, is set to re-open soon, following renovations. Once advertising posters are completed, a scheduled reception will be announced, likely to occur this month.

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Shortcuts | February 25, 2010

You read that V1 blog post a month ago, right? The one telling of the possibility that a state committee will examine the sale of raw milk in Wisconsin? Of course you did. Well, it turns out there is a committee, and it’s meeting in our backyard!

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Issue #145 2010-02-11

Shortcuts | February 11, 2009

Eau Claire County voters could have the opportunity to offer their opinion about where to build the controversial county jail at an advisory referendum tentatively scheduled for April 6.

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Issue #144 2010-01-28

Thanks for Asking | January 28, 2010

“I’m an insomniac. At four o’clock one morning I saw you on an episode of Animal Planet’s new show The Haunted, and I wanted to know where the story was set. The bridges looked like Chippewa Falls or maybe Jim Falls …”

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