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Free As a Bird

exploring what made a Wisconsin naturalist want to slip off the map

by BJ Hollars

The hermit had a name but no one knew it, or almost no one did. Francis Zirrer, an import from Yugoslavia, preferred it that way. All he wanted in the world, after all, was for the world to forget he was there. By the 1930s, he and his wife ...

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Athletic Aesthetic

Heartbreak Feels Familiar

Badgers’ NCAA championship loss feels like Brewers’ 1982 disappointment

by Luc Anthony

Scrolling through my assorted social media feeds late the evening of the NCAA National Championship, I came across a post from one of my Facebook friends. He made an apropos comparison for the 2015 Badgers, a comparison that put the legacy of ...

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The Rear End

Backyard Buddies

my closest neighbors aren’t exactly human

by Mike Paulus, illustrated by: Serena Wagner

They think I can’t see them. But I can. Very early in the morning, I’m the first one up, staring out my windows into the grey-washed backyard. I’m barely awake, but there I am, watching. And I totally see them. Shadowy beasts lopping from here to ...

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Bedroom Kingdom

Christenson’s latest is lo-fi electronic pop EP

by Zack Katz, photos by: Serena Wagner

Two Castles refers to a pair of paintings that hung in Ron’s Castle Foods (now Gordy’s) once upon a time, signifying little more than “you’re in Ron’s picking up some avocados.” When multi-instrumental tinkerer Eric Christenson came across the ...

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Swan Song (of Sorts) for Chamber Conductor

by Barbara Arnold

The Eau Claire Chamber Orchestra, led by conductor and music director Ivar Lunde, will wrap up its final concert of the 2014-15 season with “Two B’s and Two H’s” on Saturday, April 25 at 7:30 p.m. at Grace Lutheran Church, 202 W. Grand Ave ...

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The Gibson Sessions

lots of local musicians strum the same guitar to raise funds for addiction counseling

by James Johonnott

A coalition of local designers and musicians, including Pedals Music, Draft Design House, Revival Records, and Life Songs Counseling has formed to produce The Gibson Sessions, an album to support addiction counseling services ...

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Something Funny's Going On Here

Eau Claire comedian and V1 Editor Eric Christenson gives an inside look at the local standup scene, from its desolate beginnings to its explosive growth

by Eric Christenson

Eau Claire comedian and V1 Managing Editor Eric Christenson gives an inside look at the local standup scene, from its desolate beginnings to its explosive growth.

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A Clown, Not a Criminal

one-man show describes unintended brushes with the law

by Katy Macek, photos by: Andrea Paulseth

After training at Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey Clown College, performing various circus acts around the world, and guest-starring on various national talk shows, a Menomonie native has returned to his roots to share those stories ...

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Enduring Mystery

Eau Claire author explores Wetterling abduction

by Tom Giffey, photos by: Andrea Paulseth

Like almost everyone else who was living in the Upper Midwest – and much of the United States – in 1989, Robert Dudley remembers the abduction of Jacob Wetterling well. The 11-year-old’s kidnapping sent ripples that radiated far from the tiny ...

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Hoppping Into Kid Lit

local author pens kangaroo tale for children

by Barbara Arnold

Joey Roo’s Outback Adventure is a delightfully written and colorfully illustrated 24-page, seven-by-six inch children’s book that can be appreciated by young and old alike. The book is Darlene Prickett’s first in this genre, although she has ...

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Reading Celebrates Verse in Many Tongues

by Ally Kann

Contrary to what you may think, poetry isn’t just an English thing. The International Poetry Reading will once again be returning to UW-Eau Claire on April 22. From Spanish to Hmong, Russian to Morse Code, for the past nine years the ...

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Visual Art

All's Faire with Art in Store

annual fine art sale part of SpringFest at CF fairgrounds

by Tom Giffey

Feeling like enjoying fine spring weather and getting your fine-art fix? Then make your way to the Valley Art Association’s Fine Art Faire April 25-26 in Chippewa Falls. The Fine Art Faire is one of the attractions at the Fifth Annual SpringFest ...

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Buy Your Share and Get Boxes Bursting with Art

by Katy Macek

The Eau Claire Regional Arts Center has announced its 2015 Community Supported Art (CSA) program, an opportunity for buyers to experience local artwork in an easy and exciting way. Like Community Supported Agriculture, ECRAC wants its members to ...

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Annual Art-Splosion

students’ work takes over school administration building

by Tom Giffey, photos by: Nick Meyer

Eau Claire’s biggest visual art exhibit of the year is upon us, and unless you’re a participant or the parent of one, you might not have even heard of it. If that’s the case, you’re reading this just in time to enjoy an amazing display of ...

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Local Look

Coding For Our Future

new partnership aims to train Chippewa Valley kids computer programming

by Scott Morfitt, photos by: Andrea Paulseth

The Evercode Foundation is one of those team efforts that could be transformative for this community. This is because it’s simultaneously educational and collaborative, while being focused on building the creative workforce many of us know is ...

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Financial Fitness

Junior Achievement has helped Chippewa Valley kids gain money smarts for 25 years

by Barbara Arnold

When I was growing up, my family provided me many “courses” in financial literacy. My mom was a saver and thrifty; my dad was a spendthrift. My three older brothers taught me about paying yourself first, the time value of money, and living ...

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Business Award Named to Honor Mishefske

by V1 Staff

The top award in a competition designed to foster downtown Eau Claire businesses has been named in honor of a man who devoted his career to helping local entrepreneurs. The grand prize in the annual Jump-Start Business Competition will now be ...

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Seed Exchange Sprouts at EC Library

by Tom Giffey

Since it first opened more than a century and a half ago, Eau Claire’s public library has disseminated the figurative seeds of learning in the form of books, magazines, newspapers, and the like. Starting this month, the L.E. Phillips Memorial ...

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TV Show Discovers Eau Claire

statewide tourism TV show highlights our community

by Ed Hudgins

Those of us living here in the Chippewa Valley already know this is a pretty great place to be. Now, it’s time that the rest of Wisconsin gets in on this. Toward that end, Discover Wisconsin, a television show has been highlighting locales ...

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Get Up, Dress Up, and Game On

No Brand Con brings the best in gaming/anime culture

by Katy Macek, photos by: Luong Huynh

amers can unite over costumes, anime, contests, and more for No Brand Con, April 23-24 at The Plaza Hotel. Honored guests include anime and video game voice actor Kyle Hebert, animation voice actor Tia Ballard, Brichibi Cosplays, and returning ...

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Food / Drink

Crown for Connell's

supper club owner wins prestigious award

by Mike Seitz, Andrea Paulseth

Lynn McDonough has been running Connell’s Supper Club for over 25 years, so he definitely knows a thing or two about the business. Also, the Wisconsin Restaurant Association just named him Restaurateur Of The Year, a huge award from the entire ...

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A Bridge to the Beans

couple re-enters coffee business with CF café

by Laura Lash, photos by: Andrea Paulseth

Scott and Shirley Rogers have been in the coffee business for more than 10 years. Between 2004 and 2014, their coffee shop at Oakwood Mall, Gloria Jean’s, purveyed the creative coffee experience Eau Claire folks were seeking to fuel ...

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Honestly Good Coffee

expertly slow-roasted beans at Honest Roast

by Ally Kann, photos by: Andrea Paulseth

When it comes to coffee, everyone has a different opinion. Some prefer it black, some prefer a little coffee with their creamer, and some go for the fancy syrups and Splenda packets. But regardless of your preferences of half-and-half ...

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Kid Culture

Consignment Sale

children’s consignment sale has a rink full of bargains

by Laura Lash

Here We Grow Again is back for its biannual children’s consignment sale at the Hobbs Ice Arena. With 10 years of experience, curators Donna Kmetz and Mary Jo Hanson have this sale professionally staged and extraordinarily run. The event spans the ...

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Canoeing Customs

kayaks and speedboats may be faster, but there’s no better way to relax and explore Wisconsin waterways than a good old canoe

by Conrad Leighton, photos by: Conrad Leighton

Canoeing the rivers of Northern Wisconsin has been a tradition for children in our family since the 1930s. I have a tinted picture of my dad and his cousins swimming in the Cedar Falls Rapids of the Flambeau River in the 1930s when they were ...

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7 Great Local Mountain Bike Trails

we don’t officially have mountains around here, but we’ve definitely got mountain biking – so steer off the asphalt and find your thrills in the dirt

by Tom Giffey

Sure, the Chippewa Valley has plenty of paved recreational trails and hundreds of miles of streets, roads, and byways where you can pedal to your heart’s content. But what if your heart isn’t content with smooth asphalt and cement? What if you ...

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Other Stuff

Note from the Editor | Apr. 15, 2015

by Nick Meyer

Spring is in the air in downtown Eau Claire. While on nice days pedestrians pour out onto the streets and trails, all around them at least three highly visible and large-scale construction projects pound away at progress. A simple four-block ...

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Opening Shots

Opening Shot | April 15, 2015

photos by: Andrea Paulseth

UW-Stout’s annual Fashion Without Fabric event stormed the campus catwalks on Saturday, April 11, with design students producing unique fashions using anything and everything but traditional material ...

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