A World of Vibrant Verse

Julia van Allen

On Tuesday, May 1, UW-Eau Claire will host the 12th Annual International Poetry Reading, which celebrates linguistic diversity at its finest. The Dakota Ballroom in the Davies Center will be alive with poetry written and performed in more than 25 languages, including Arabic, Icelandic, Korean, Lithuanian, and Ojibwe. Attendees will encounter verses that inspire even when translation may be needed. The organizers of this event are Dr. Kaishan Kong (department of languages), Katie Vagnino (English department), and Josh Bauer (Learning and Technology Services). Tireless interdisciplinary work will draw the global community closer than ever. Words may not always translate, but emotion and experience do. Poetry speaks when other disciplines remain mute. Sponsors for the event include Dr. Thomas King, professor emeritus of communication sciences and disorders; the Center for International Education; the UW-Eau Claire Foundation; and the departments of English and languages. This event will run from 7-9 pm Tuesday, May 1. It’s free and open for everyone to enjoy. A livestream will be available at uwec.ly/live for anyone who wants to feel the magic, but can’t attend.

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