Valley Vanguard: Newly created awards to honor cutting-edge community leaders

V1 Staff

With every passing season here in the Chippewa Valley, a growing number of local individuals are taking meaningful leadership roles to push our community forward. Some on that list have been at the forefront of new ideas and ambitious endeavors for years. Some are just now coming into their own, inspiring and helping those around them. But together, these self-starters make up the community’s buzz-worthy frontline of innovation, action, and momentum. They are the Chippewa Valley Vanguard.

It’s with the encouragement of these kinds of thinkers and doers in mind, and an interest in the continued growth of our thriving community, that Volume One announces the creation of the new Chippewa Valley Vanguard Awards.

Each year these awards will recognize high-level community achievers who’ve made a recent and significant local impact in one of a broad spectrum of areas including the arts, entrepreneurship, social action, government, education, philanthropy, health, business, and more. These are the people helping shape the future of the Chippewa Valley.

But to find the individuals truly making a difference, we need your help. Public nominations are open now through Dec. 13 via a simple online form at Once submissions are closed, a panel of key community players from diverse backgrounds and industries will evaluate nominations and work together in selecting the year’s honorees. Their identities will be publicly announced at Volume One’s event celebrating the Best of the Chippewa Valley – dubbed The Best Night – held for the first time at the Lismore Hotel on Friday, Feb. 9.

Our community is in the midst of a genuine renewal – a renewal of energy, ideas, and vitality. The Chippewa Valley Vanguard is helping lead the way. Let’s build the momentum.

Please visit to learn more and nominate.

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