UWEC and CVTC Make Path to Nursing Easier

Bryan Reynolds

UW-Eau Claire and Chippewa Valley Technical College have expanded their efforts to ease the financial and procedural burdens of attaining a bachelor of science degree in nursing, the schools announced recently. “Nursing shortage” is a phrase often uttered in conversations throughout America. In fact, in a study released in August by Medicare Health Plans, Wisconsin ranked third nationally on a list of states with the most overworked nurses. The study found that there are only 5.8 nurses for every 1,000 people in the state, compared with 19 per 1,000 in Minnesota. In addition to the shortage of active nurses, the process of completing the nursing degree is difficult, with waiting lists at both CVTC and UWEC, the only schools in the area to offer the degree. CVTC and UWEC have furthered their arrangement to help put a bachelor’s degree in nursing within reach for their students. In the past, students could study for two years at CVTC and transfer to UWEC to finish their degree in another two years. According to Amy Olsen, CVTC’s associate dean of health at CVTC, students will now be able to take an additional year at CVTC, with CVTC prices, leaving only one year at the university prices to finish the BSN. According to Debra Jansen, associate dean at UWEC’s College of Nursing and Health Sciences, this agreement formalizes a practice that is already being implemented at both institutions. This will be a benefit to prospective nurses, as it allows for quicker completion of the degree at a lower cost. 

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