In the Valley, Warmer Months Are for Adventuring

Nick Meyer

Right about now in Wisconsin is when you can’t go wrong getting outside on a few urban or rural adventures. It’s not too cold or too hot, the entire region is coming into bloom, and the sheer enthusiasm people have just for being outside after a long winter and chilly spring is contagious. For my family, this time of year we spend a lot of our outdoor time on the bike trail network throughout Eau Claire and the region. Every season it gets just a bit better as the cities and counties add sections and improve the experience. Recently the big addition was the majestic High Bridge over the Chippewa River near downtown Eau Claire. Now this year they’ll be adding additional trail pieces connecting to each end of this historic look out spot. Altoona is doing their part too, as a beautiful new section of trail is complete along the edge of the Eau Claire River in the Northwest quadrant of River Prairie. It’s also right next to the new landing where you can drop a kayak or canoe up river and paddle an hour or so to Phoenix Park in downtown Eau Claire. While the “big city” cultural amenities continue to grow in the valley, thankfully we’re also keeping a strong eye on growing access to our natural gems as well. Check our Outdoor Adventures section on page 31 to find some ideas for outside time for you and yours.

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