Poliça Comes to Campus

Minneapolis band hits UWEC on November 19

Ed Hudgins

The Music Capital of the North is about to host yet another tremendous musical experience. On November 19 at Schofield Auditorium on the UW-Eau Claire campus, an incredible fusion of electronic and chamber music is taking place with a performance by Minneapolis’ Poliça and Berlin’s s t a r g a z e. They will be teaming up to perform their mutual creation, Music for the Long Emergency. The show came together over the course of a year of both long distance and face-to-face collaboration. It is both the marriage of what was and the birth of something new. Poliça’s electronic “sound of heartbreak and celebration” (thanks, Rolling Stone) has certainly come together with the synergistic orchestral dynamics s t a r g a z e brings to the table. However, out of this marriage has arisen something explorative and experimental. The end result of this marriage and new creation is Music for the Long Emergency. However, this project is not just about musical creativity and experimentation. It is also a social commentary and exploration, based on The Long Emergency, a book about the consequences of using up the world’s oil supply by James Howard Kunstler. The name refers to the beauty of destruction. In the words of Poliça’s drummer Drew Christopherson, “We can have bright happy moments too amongst the dark and chaotic moments in our lives.” This would seem to mesh well with Poliça’s own blend of “heartbreak and celebration.” Music for the Long Emergency is shaping up to be a provocative and emotive feast for the ears. And if the table wasn’t full enough, the Chippewa Valley’s favorite electronic musician, sloslylove, will be leading off the feast. The show kicks off in the Schofield Auditorium at 8pm on Nov. 19. Tickets are $20 for the general public and $15 for students with ID. 

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