Cowboy Jack's Lassos a Spot in River Prairie

Anne Sandell

Calling all cowboys and cowgirls: There’s some boot stompin’, country lovin’ fun coming to the Chippewa Valley. Soon, there will be a new kind of bar and grill in Altoona, made for the country lover in all of us. Cowboy Jack’s is a small bar and grill franchise based in the Twin Cities with only nine locations so far, mostly throughout Minnesota. Their new location, as part of Altoona’s River Prairie Development project, will not only be their first location in Wisconsin, but also their first non-corporate-owned Cowboy Jack’s. Cowboy Jack’s boasts a fun down home cooking country western theme, built with local reclaimed wood. Their offerings consist of American fare with a country twist and a robust bar. Speaking with Mike Golat, Altoona’s City Administrator, he explained what drew the restaurant to the River Prairie Development. “They saw the tenor of the development and the activity it’s going to generate,” he said. “Being on the river and right on park space would put them in a good position to succeed and create a great opportunity for them.” The new Cowboy Jack’s will be owned by a local group of developers that do a lot of work in the area. “The local-centric perspective is important,” Golat said. “We want to make it unique to the Chippewa Valley and unique to River Prairie.” The owners of Cowboy Jack’s are into more than just the restaurant scene; they’re big into the music scene as well. They’re currently working out an agreement to produce shows at the project’s amphitheater. The project is set to start building this summer, with Cowboy Jack’s hopes of opening in Spring 2017. This gives all you country lovers out there plenty of time to gather up your boots, build up a hefty appetite, and get jacked for all Cowboy Jack’s is sure to offer. 

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