Starting a Movement

world-renowned Pilobolus Dance Theater arrives in EC

Brianna Willer

BELOW: Talk about lying down on the job.
ABOVE: Talk about lying down on the job.

Sure, Pilobolus is a fungus, by definition. But it is also the name of a world-renowned dance company that will be stopping into UW-Eau Claire on Nov. 12. Pilobolus Dance Theater, named after the light-loving fungus that propels its spores with incredible strength and speed, has visited more than 65 countries throughout the last 45 years, and performs for an average of 300,000 people every year. These performances are characterized by near constant physical interaction between dancers, mind-bending contortions, and kaleidoscope-like dimensionality. The dance troupe boasts an impressive resume, from being nominated for a Grammy to collaborating with the lead writer for SpongeBob SquarePants. Pilobolus has also been featured on Oprah, Late Night with Conan O’Brien, and even Sesame Street, where the dancers presented numbers, shapes, and letters. Pilobolus has found worldwide popularity mainly because it brings dance back to the basics: Movement. Audience members will be astonished when they realize the precise movement of each dancer has come together to create something even bigger than movement. Pilobolus reverts back to its fungus namesake in its mission: To encourage audience members to be adventurous, adaptive, unpredictable – and to find beauty in the most unexpected of places. The vibrant performers will challenge you to see the world anew.

Pilobolus • Thursday, Nov. 12 • Gantner Concert Hall, Haas Fine Arts Center, UW-Eau Claire • 7:30pm • $10 students, $18 faculty/staff/seniors, $20 general public • 715-836-4833

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