Glassworks' Hilarios, Off-Beat Sketch Episode

the improv trio premiered a set of web sketches featuring well-honed characters

Eric Christenson

Glassworks primarily dabbles in long-form improv comedy, but with the help of Peter Eaton, an LA filmmaker from Eau Claire, they’ve just finished up a pilot episode for a potential sketch comedy series. You can watch the whole 18-minute episode online now, which features a handful of hilarious, original sketches. You can see Mack Hastings, Alex Raney, and Elliot Heinz whip up characters like Marley & Marley – two dog-lovin’ well-meaning rubes who go on an adventure around the city – before your eyes. There’s great character work at play with Hastings’ spot-on bro character, Matt Pronshinske, interviewing to be somebody’s roommate and talking about all the beer/burritos/Christopher Nolan movies he wants to take in. Plus, they’ve invited a bunch of their funny friends to help out and play off their characters in some sketches. These kids have been doing improv for years; their character work and ability to play off of each other comes through really clearly in the sketch show format. And as an added bonus, it’s really, really funny.

To learn more and watch the whole thing, find Glassworks Improv on Facebook or go to

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