An Exhibit of Art, Healing

Barbara Arnold

“Badlands Roads Below the Green,”  by Vicki Milewski
“Badlands Roads Below the Green,” by Vicki Milewski

Galaudet Gallery’s new exhibit “My Medicine Art Show: Part Two” celebrates art as healing power featuring Native American Oscar Howe’s artistic medicine and Vicki Milewski’s rejuvenating art. “Self-discovery as health is what this exhibit explores,” explains Vicki, who co-owns the downtown gallery with her brother, Mike “Each artist makes healing personal,” he adds. Works by Howe and Milewski intermingle with artists Freeman, Leutze, Nakoma, and “Bucky,” a buffalo skull from the brother of the white buffalo which Natives Americans believe represents the current age of the North. Howe (1915-1983) embeds both the cardinal directions and concepts of above, below, inside, and outside within the sacred design of the Tohokmu (spider web). Even before he was diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease, Howe’s art expressed healing through the Tohokmu. Vicki furthers Howe’s Tohokmu, incorporating the same directions in her Badlands Roads oil paintings and White River Valley Collections. Mike explains: “These artworks are sound investments because they are connected to this history and artistic pursuit through embracing curves of color and shape telling stories of healing power found in accepting who you are and stretching beyond what you thought was possible. All speak to the true power of healing.”

The show runs through Monday, Sept. 7, at Galaudet Gallery, 618 S. Farwell St., Eau Claire. Learn more at,, or by calling  (715) 513-9994.

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